Fuchsia Smokey Eye + Bright Pink Lips

mac azalea blush makeup look pink hot fuchsia eyeshadow lips lipstick smokey eye

I own so many beautiful fuchsia and bright pink lipsticks but I never wear them! I just don't love how I look with hot pink lips. I've been wearing a lot of pink eyeshadow lately, however, and decided to go for a bold monochromatic look. I really like how this makeup look turned out. Although if you notice something off about my face, it's probably the fact that I forgot to put on mascara. I don't know how that happened. In hindsight, my eyes look tiny and naked. I can skip a lot of products-- highlighter, powder, lipstick even, but never mascara! I wonder, would you have noticed if I hadn't said anything? *thinking emoji*

Review: Soleil Tan de Chanel | For Medium to Tan Skintones?

chanel soleil tan de chanel bronze universal makeup base review swatches nc30 skintone medium tan nw30
I'm always happy when I'm finally able to review cult beauty products on my blog. This particular item is old as heck! I've read countless opinions on it and I am now able to add my own two cents. This review is brought to you by my housemate because the Soleil Tan de Chanel ($50) is hers. :) Sharing is caring. Keep reading to see my full thoughts on this popular product...

Easy Makeup Only Halloween Ideas: Mortal Kombat's Kitana

makeup tutorial costume halloween cosplay mortal kombat kitana
I'm back with 2016's third makeup-only Halloween costume and this time we're channeling Mortal Kombat's Kitana. I have actually wanted to dress up as Jade for years but have never gotten around to it. The makeup portion for Jade would be very similar to this except you'd paint your face green instead of blue. I ended up deciding to do Kitana instead because I'm always hanging out with hand fans so it made more sense. Fans are also really cheap and easy to get. You can buy two fans at your local dollar store and dress up as Kitana for under $5. 

Easy Makeup Only Halloween Costumes: Pastel Skull

easy last minute makeup only cheap halloween costume tutorial ideas pastel mint green lilac purple skull
I'm back with another easy, makeup-only Halloween costume idea! :D I'll be posting several more Halloween looks this week leading up to the 31st. These costume ideas are centered around using makeup products you already own (or ones you could get easily at the drugstore). I love dressing up and making/buying costumes, however it is not always possible due to time and/or money constraints. Makeup-centric costumes are cheap, can be worn with anything you have in your closet already, and are a fun to create. Today I'm taking on the typical Halloween skull face makeup which I had actually never done before. I see these a lot online and always thought they were very cliché but then I don't actually see much people wearing them out in real life during Halloween (I do see a ton of Wednesday Adams though.) If you want more easy costume ideas, you can browse my Halloween tag.

Easy Makeup Only Halloween Costumes: Shuhei Hisagi | Bleach Anime + Manga

bleach shinigami lieutenant shuhei hisagi costume makeup tutorial halloween cosplay ideas anime manga
This is definitely a niche costume and I know many people won't recognize who this is. However, if you're also a fan of the manga/anime series Bleach then you will love this Halloween costume idea. It's really easy to dress up as Bleach characters (particularly Arrancars or Hollow Ichigo) because you can achieve the look mostly with makeup. This makes it a great last-minute/cheap alternative. The Bleach manga actually ended this year about 15 years after its initial release! To commemorate this huge part of my childhood coming to an end, I decided to dress up as a few of my favorite characters. Today I'll be showcasing Co-Lieutenant of the 9th Division's Shuhei Hisagi
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