27 May, 2015

Muted Pastels: Makeup Look

makeup geek eyeshadow sea mist white lies cupcake high tea makeup look pastels
I was playing around with the eyeshadows I received from Makeup Geek and ended up with this muted pastel green and pink look. I always try to advocate the incorporation of color. After all, makeup can be fun and experimental. However, I also know that a bold look isn't appropriate for every occasion so I present you with a "daytime" option. 

21 May, 2015

MAC Nightmoth Lip Pencil

mac cosmetics nightmoth lip liner review swatches dark makeup
Somehow I got into the habit of posting a lot of makeup looks and FOTD's in a row, which are my favorite types of posts, by the way, but it's nice to mix it up. Several months ago I got one of the more popular vampy lip liner shades around, MAC's Nightmoth. I haven't used it as often as I would like (I've been on a nude lipstick kick) but I love it. 

13 May, 2015

Summer Makeup and Sun Protection: Neutrogena #ChooseSkinHealth

neutrogena chooseskinhealth skin health spf sun protection makeup foundation tips
Disclaimer: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with NEUTROGENA® and Latina Bloggers Connect.

Although the heat has been unbearable, I'm very happy that summer has arrived seeing as I am in need of break once these two weeks of final exams conclude. I have already visited the beach a few times on my off days, but sun protection is important regardless of whether you are at the beach or not. You should try to use products with SPF whenever you need to be outside, even under makeup. Neutrogena is once again encouraging the use of sun protection through their #ChooseSkinHealth campaign for which they are hosting a Twitter party on May 19th (more info below). 

08 May, 2015

Blog Sale: NARS, MAC, Guerlain, Benefit, Giorgio Armani, Tarte, Clinique, Milani

blog sale may 2015 makeup cosmetics beauty mac nars guerlain benefit giorgio armani tarte clinique becca milani marc jacobs revlon bobbi brown
Hello! Today I'm posting the largest blog sale I've ever held (it's not that big though.) The deal is that I'm moving out so I am in need of both rent money and decluttering. :D I took a look at my makeup collection and decided to part with items that were either repetitive or not getting much use. I love shopping from blog sales myself so I hope you find something you like here! There's an assortment of products ranging from MAC, NARS, Sleek, Becca, Bobbi Brown to Milani and Guerlain. Rules and products are below, happy shopping!

07 May, 2015

Makeup Geek Vegas Lights Eyeshadow Palette

makeup geek vegas lights palette makeup look brunette nc30 roulette sin city mirage smokey eye
Makeup Geek products will always hold a special place because a review of some of their eyeshadows was the second post I ever published on this blog back in 2012 (click here to see it, warning: low quality tiny pictures ahead). I love their products and have made some orders over the past years. Last month I was offered to try a few of their products, including the Vegas Lights Eyeshadow Palette ($37.99). Here are my thoughts on it.

03 May, 2015

New Blue Frames from Firmoo

firmoo acetate blue f047 glasses frames review pictures
This is the third time Firmoo makes an appearance on my blog. I became a fan of their glasses and service ever since I tried my first pair and I have recommended them to both friends and family. The frames and basic lenses are very affordable and so are any additional add ons. The quality is very good and the frame feels strong, although you should always be as careful as possible with any of your glasses. I had been wearing their Acetate F043 black frames previously, but went for blue frames because I missed wearing a colorful pair (my first glasses were pink). 

30 April, 2015

Esqido Mink Eyelashes: Lashlorette, Oh So Sweet, Unforgettable

esqido mink eyelashes falsies false lashes review oh so sweet unforgettable lashlorette
In 2015 I started wearing false lashes more and more often. They make such a difference! Especially for hooded eyes. I think they weigh down the lid a bit more and make them look more open. Does that make sense or is it just me? I had seen many bloggers and people in general talk about mink lashes. They claim to be false lashes made from naturally shed mink hairs that can last up to 25 uses (which justifies their high price tag) vs. the typical 4 uses you get out of regular synthetic lashes. ESQIDO offered to send me my choice of three lashes from their collection. I accepted the offer, of course, because I had to try mink lashes for myself.

29 April, 2015

FOTD: Rose Epicurien

ysl babydoll kiss blush rose epicurien makeup look fotd wetnwild walking the red carpet yslbeauty
I want to briefly acknowledge my disappearance from social media (apart from Instagram and queued posts on Tumblr). April midterms hit me hard and I've been generally busy with a lot of things. I always hate leaving my blog unattended because I genuinely enjoy updating it frequently and have a lot of products I want to feature on here. Most days I return late at night when there is no more sunlight and I can't take any pictures. :( I'm trying my best to wake up a bit earlier and set aside some time to do blog-related things in the morning. Anyway, here's a Face of the Day I was able to snap before class.