Easy Makeup Only Halloween Costumes: Pastel Skull

easy last minute makeup only cheap halloween costume tutorial ideas pastel mint green lilac purple skull
I'm back with another easy, makeup-only Halloween costume idea! :D I'll be posting several more Halloween looks this week leading up to the 31st. These costume ideas are centered around using makeup products you already own (or ones you could get easily at the drugstore). I love dressing up and making/buying costumes, however it is not always possible due to time and/or money constraints. Makeup-centric costumes are cheap, can be worn with anything you have in your closet already, and are a fun to create. Today I'm taking on the typical Halloween skull face makeup which I had actually never done before. I see these a lot online and always thought they were very cliché but then I don't actually see much people wearing them out in real life during Halloween (I do see a ton of Wednesday Adams though.) If you want more easy costume ideas, you can browse my Halloween tag.

Easy Makeup Only Halloween Costumes: Shuhei Hisagi | Bleach Anime + Manga

bleach shinigami lieutenant shuhei hisagi costume makeup tutorial halloween cosplay ideas anime manga
This is definitely a niche costume and I know many people won't recognize who this is. However, if you're also a fan of the manga/anime series Bleach then you will love this Halloween costume idea. It's really easy to dress up as Bleach characters (particularly Arrancars or Hollow Ichigo) because you can achieve the look mostly with makeup. This makes it a great last-minute/cheap alternative. The Bleach manga actually ended this year about 15 years after its initial release! To commemorate this huge part of my childhood coming to an end, I decided to dress up as a few of my favorite characters. Today I'll be showcasing Co-Lieutenant of the 9th Division's Shuhei Hisagi

The Original Naked Palette: Did it age well?

revisiting urban decay naked eyeshadow palette review 2016

You are probably very familiar with the hype surrounding the original Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette. I actually had to go and look up its launch date and almost had an existential crisis when I found out it was released back in the fall of 2010! I knew it had been a few years ago but it felt like three at most. I still use my Naked Palette from time to time but lately I've been wondering how well this six-year-old eyeshadow palette aged. Was the hype due to good marketing, was it because there was nothing similar at the time? Or is it genuinely a wonderful timeless product?

Has Your Pin It Pinterest Hover Button Suddenly Stopped Working?

how to fix custom pinterest share hover button 2016 blogger platform tutorial

I recently noticed that all of a sudden the "Pin It" button that appeared when you hovered over my blog pictures disappeared. I admit I haven't been very good at sharing my own content on social media lately, so who knows how long ago it stopped working. I decided to create this guide for any fellow bloggers who might also be experiencing this. It is really easy to fix so you (and your readers) can go back to sharing your pictures on Pinterest in no time!

Cheap Thrills: Drugstore Haul (under $10)

best cheap drugstore products haul under 10 dollars milani stayput brow pomade eyebrow brush liquid lipstick mac velvet teddy dupe wet n wild bare it all
Here are some cheap drugstore treats you can try for under $10. I know that even though money might be tight sometimes, you may want to do a bit of shopping after a bad day. I got all of these products for approximately $10. Prices vary by country or retail store but these are still really affordable at most places. One of the products is a great dupe for MAC's Velvet Teddy lipstick and one has become my new favorite eyebrow brush. So these really are drugstore gems.
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