21 July, 2014

Back for Seconds: Repurchased Products

repurchased products tag skincare makeup beauty blog
I seldom post empties/repurchased posts because: a) I rarely run out of products (i.e. I own too much makeup) and b) I mostly run out of/repurchase boring things like body wash, deodorant, shampoo, etc. I've put myself on an unofficial, slightly flexible spending ban because I need to start making a dent in my makeup collection. Anyhow, here are a few things I have repurchased in the last few months.

19 July, 2014

Purple Glitter Smokey Eye: Makeup Look

hard candy poppin pigments glitter makeup look drugstore mac fig 1 coastal scents vintage burgundy smokey eye purple
More glitter makeup looks! The cool thing about this one is that it features a very affordable loose glitter! Up until now I had featured glitters that were above the $15 mark. This Poppin Pigments glitter from Hard Candy comes with two different colors for only $6

17 July, 2014

Life and Blog Update

Hello, beauties! It's been a while since I've done a lifestyle post. I've felt really disconnected from my blog lately (and from the online word in general). It might seem like the complete opposite since I have been posting steadily, but the truth is I've been letting my blog run on its own for some time. I've had tons of queued posts for weeks and still have more left. I currently have pre-scheduled posts up until August 15! Plus I have a ton of drafts and a notebook full of ideas for future posts. As you can tell, I haven't lost any motivation or desire to keep running this blog. In fact, I enjoy it more and more as time goes by. Yet things in my personal life have made me shy away from social media and the Internet in general. My blog comments have gone unanswered (but not unread, I promise) and my emails have too. I owe replies to a few of you and I hate being the flaky girl that doesn't answer. 

16 July, 2014

Antiqued Caramel: Makeup Look

bronze gold makeup look brown eyes mac coastal scents copper pot antiqued chai spice caramel cool maybelline eyeshadows
I posted several colorful and even glittery makeup looks during the month of June and July. So here's a neutral golden bronze look to balance things out. The main stars of the show are the Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in Caramel Cool (review here, it's limited edition so get it while you can!) and the Coastal Scents Copper Pot Eyeshadow (which is similar-ish to MAC Amber Lights so you can use that instead if you have it). 

14 July, 2014

Inglot Freedom Palette Eyeshadows in 353, 344, 423

inglot eyeshadow review swatch 353 344 423
On my IMATS haul post I mentioned I got some new eyeshadows for my INGLOT Freedom Palette. Well, here they are! I chose the two lightest colors with the darkest one in mind, 423. I was looking to make a soft complementary plum-toned trio. I added 423 to my wishlist after seeing it on Amy's blog. If I ever did the "Blogger made me buy it" tag, this eyeshadow would be in there.

13 July, 2014

NARS Malacca Duochrome: Makeup Look

nars malacca duochrome teal green brown eyeshadow makeup look
I was sent this beautiful eyeshadow by NARS called Malacca ($25). It's a new-ish release that immediately reminded me of other brown/green/blue duochromes such as MAC Club, Urban Decay Lounge, MAC Blue Brown Pigment, MAC Deep Blue Green Pigment, Makeup Geek Insomnia Pigment, etc. Luckily, it's not more of the same. Malacca actually has a cooler base that leans more towards taupe than it does towards a warm brown. So if you've found MAC's Club, and others like it, to be too red for your liking then I suggest taking a look at Malacca.

11 July, 2014

Spotlight: Blood Orange Lipsticks

best blood orange lipsticks drugstore high end comparison mac lady danger zinfandel nyx morocco
You know that ironic moment when you're going through your makeup collection trying to select a roundup of products and end up finding that all of them look pretty much the same? That's what happened when I was putting together this list. It was pretty defeating, ha! Anyway, here are some options (both high-end and drugstore) if you're looking for a striking blood orange lipstick ("Blood orange - she's so pretentious. Shut up, it's f-ing red!" Solid reference.)

09 July, 2014

Five Product Face #2

five product face tag ysl creme de blush audacious orange
This is my second time doing the Five Product Face tag and coincidentally I used one of the same products from last time. This time around I didn't multi-task with products as much, except for the cream blush which I used on both my lips and cheeks. Lasts 5PF consisted of: foundation, bronzer, blush, cream eyeshadow, and mascara. This one consists of: liquid illuminator, foundation, cream blush, cream eyeshadow, and mascara.