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Sick Day "No Makeup" Makeup

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Sunday, November 29, 2015
natural sick day ill no makeup look drugstore nyx soft matte lip cream london
Some days you're feeling ill and you wake up with a scratchy throat, runny eyes, and an irritated right eye (like today). When you're ill or recovering from any kind of sickness, the skin tends to look swallow and feel dry. Regardless, you have to go out and get stuff done. I've compiled a list of my favorite products to use when you want to look like nothing happened without trying too hard. 

Meteoric Cranberry: Red Holiday Makeup

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
holiday christmas cranberry red cool toned smokey eye makeup look raspberry lips drugstore rimmel nyx apocalypse show off meteoric lacquer
Winter or holiday themed makeup can get somewhat repetitive: red lips, shimmery gold lids, silvery eyes, etc. I wanted to achieve a red cranberry toned eyeshadow look without it looking warm. Pairing red tones with warm brown eyeshadows is a "no-brainer" because they look good and go well together. However, contrasting tones can look beautiful too and it's nice to do something different now and then. I used a very cool toned cream eyeshadow (Tough as Taupe from Maybelline which is basically grey) to contrast with NYX's Flustered Eyeshadow (a dupe for MAC Cranberry). I hope you like this!

The Five Minute Face

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015
five minute natural easy makeup look face fotd mac cosmetics nars korres rose gold becca highlighter
This is my attempt at a five minute face. The title might as well be a lie because I set a timer (because I was running late) and ended up going over by two minutes anyway. There are some things which I do very slowly (such as eating) and doing my makeup is one of them. I have seen some five minute makeup videos where people even manage to put on eyeliner. That'll never be me. Anyhow, this is what I do when I wake up late but want to throw something on to hide the consequences of an all-nighter. Also, thanks a billion for the kind words on my previous post. I appreciate it greatly! ♥

Breaking the Silence + Giveaway Update

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Sunday, November 22, 2015
I haven't posted in over two weeks. In fact, my blog has been very quiet for most of 2015, specially the second half of the year. Just looking at my posting history makes me feel disappointed. 2015 is almost over and I've only posted 59 times, whereas during 2014 and 2013 I had published 184 and 211 blog posts respectively. If I were to average that, it would come out to about 5 to 6 posts a month for 2015 versus about 17 posts a month during my more active years. Those numbers make me genuinely sad because I love blogging. I do it for myself because I enjoy expressing myself through this medium and receiving feedback from the people who read it. I miss posting and interacting with readers in general, but I really miss the candidness with which I used to do it. I recall occasionally posting about things other than makeup. 

Disney's Princess Kida: Last Minute Halloween Costume (Under $20)

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015
disney princess kida kidagakash atlantis lost empire costume halloween cosplay makeup
Here's another Disney inspired Halloween makeup look. This time it features Princess Kida (or Kidagakash) from their under appreciated movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. This costume might not be super recognizable (it's not one of Disney's most popular movies) but I've always found Kida's aesthetic very beautiful. This costume is fast and easy. Kida is an ancient warrior princess and doesn't wear makeup except for blue markings on her cheek. The pivotal part of this look is the white wig, which does most of the work for you. 

Black Widow / Spider Queen Halloween Makeup: Last Minute Costume (Under $10)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015
last minute cheap halloween costumes makeup tutorial spider queen black widow web under 10 dollars
I have at least three more Halloween posts that I want to publish before the 31st. Here is one of them. I've been having trouble photographing things in general because fall/winter means early nightfall and less daylight. I photograph with natural lighting and considering that I'm obviously not doing my makeup for nighttime outings at 2 in the afternoon, it's usually too dark to take proper photographs by the time I'm done with my makeup. Please bear with my weird lighting for now. Today's makeup look is a quick and cheap last minute costume I threw together for a party I had forgotten required a costume. It turned out to be fairly easy and can be achieved without spending more than 10 dollars.

Vanellope Inspired Candyland Halloween Makeup

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Thursday, October 22, 2015
vanellope von schweetz disney wreck it ralph cosplay makeup look tutorial halloween costume candy princes sugar rush candyland queen etude house sweet recipe
Halloween is only about 9 days away! No matter how hard I try to prepare for it with plenty of anticipation, it always manages to sneak up on me. I previously posted an easy and wearable black/orange Halloween inspired makeup look (see it here). Today I have another simple makeup look (dramatic ones are coming soon) but this time it's inspired by the character Vanellope from Disney's Wreck it Ralph movie.  I love that movie, it's one of Disney's cutest films and it usually makes me tear up (laugh all you want, I'm a sentimental person). This isn't an exact recreation of Vanellope's character but a look inspired by her personality and the colors of Sugar Rush's candy-filled world. 

ColourPop Cosmetics Lippie Pencil in Pitch + 3 Year Anniversary Giveaway

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015
colourpop cosmetics pitch lip liner review swatches giveaway
I didn't mean to post this so late. I know that it's already the 22nd in some countries but... better late than never. October 21st, 2015 (besides being Back to the Future's "future day") marks the three year anniversary of this blog. Time goes by so fast, etc. etc. (the usual). Honestly though, it's been three years and I am not tired of running this site and I don't see myself getting tired of it any time soon. I have changed a lot during these three years (mostly for the better) and my blog has grown a lot since that day in October 2012 when barely anyone read it. This blog started as a place to share makeup reviews (makeup is a fun hobby/luxury for many people) and different beauty looks (makeup as a form of creative self-expression). I've thrown myself into my blog before, at times when I really needed it, and it has helped me tremendously. Instead of spending hours on Facebook (which I hate and de-activated for well over a year) or on internet meme/funny sites, watching silly videos, etc. (Disclaimer: Sometimes I do those things too and I believe time you enjoy "wasting" is not time wasted. Please don't take offense.), I dedicated some of my time to this website. In return, I made new friends online (and even met some of them in person), gathered some amazingly supportive readers, got to work with brands I had been a fan of, was invited to events, and was able to use most of the revenue from the blog to support myself financially (a.k.a. pay da bills). The latter part of 2014 and the whole of 2015 have been trying. Inevitably my blog suffered the consequences and got pushed to the back burner for a while. I am only recently getting it back to its old schedule. Thanks for sticking through its rough patch!