Quick Post: Nails of the Day

China Glaze - "Snow Globe" (left)
China Glaze - "Blue Year's Eve" (right)
Just a quick "Nails of the Day" post.  It feels a bit out of place because this color does not have a fall or winter vibe.  But I tend to just paint my nails with whatever color I haven't used in a while.  These shades were released last year as part of China Glaze's Let It Snow Holiday Collection.  They're gorgeous colors and the names are very appropriate.  My nails have a total "New Year's" vibe to them.
The formula for China Glaze polishes is usually very good.  And they are very affordable.  I used to buy them locally but then I discovered I can get them online for half the price!

Also, I want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween if you're celebrating it.  I'm planning on making a Halloween roundup post soon (tomorrow?).  Stay safe! 


  1. Love the nail color! THanks for this review!! :)

    New follower here!
    The Misty Mom

  2. Great nails, I love this vivid blue!

  3. The blue is gorgeous! I haven't tried OPI before but have heard great things about them :) I have just found your blog and your design is amazing! :) x

  4. Such a pretty nail polish! I just paint my nails whatever I feel like too :P
    I feel badly because I've seen that you've commented on my blog twice but I can't respond to the comments because my blog has disquis unfortunately.


  5. love your blog babe, i've nominated you for two awards, check out how to participate on my blog


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