Pink Fantasy: Metallic Valentine's Day Makeup

valentine's day makeup look pink metallic eyeshadow smokey eye colourpop cosmetics drugstore affordable tarte supershock pressed pigment fringe fantasy
Pink makeup for Valentine's Day is as original as red lips for Christmas. Yet here we are. I don't think you should turn away from conventions just for the sake of being different. If Valentine's Day is the only time of year that you feel comfortable enough to wear pink eyeshadow, then go right ahead! And if you want to wear pink eyeshadow all the time... then I don't blame you. It looks great. So if you're looking for a shimmery, metallic pink makeup look that's dramatic but still dainty (damn, all that), then I got some suggestions for you. Here's how you can recreate this makeup look...

The Perfect Glitter Lip Topper a.k.a. ...Lipgloss?

makeup trend review lip toppers lipgloss glitter metallic too faced melted liquified metallic liquid lipstick chocolate diamonds swatch
Have you noticed any of the articles on lip toppers: the new product to help give life to your same ol' lipsticks? A matte lipstick can be transformed into a glossy lacquer. Experiment with endless combinations of glitters on top of lip colors. How about gold over red? Perfect for the holiday season! But did you know, this has existed for years? It's called lipgloss. It's funny because I thought about that every time lip toppers popped up on my feed but it wasn't until Isobel verbalized the idea in her blogpost that I realized what companies are trying to do: re-market lipgloss. Now hold on... I'm not knocking on it. Looking on the bright side, it will probably give brands an incentive to improve their lipgloss formulas. I know many of us have a persisting lipgloss aversion because of how sticky and smelly they were in the 1990's and 2000's. Not to mention how quickly they wore off.

DIY: Ombre Rose Gold / Mauve Hair Color

diy how to achieve rose gold hair color dye affordable drugstore sallys beauty supply ion semi permanent rose quartz review swatch results
My hair looks nothing like this right now, lol. (I still have a few backed up blogposts from before the hurricane.) However, I wanted to share with you how I achieved this rose gold/ mauve dusty pink tone because it was really easy and affordable. You could do this yourself for less than $25. Of course here's the usual disclaimer: I am not a hairdresser or a professional. I learned everything I know about hair through the Internet as well as trial and error. I've been experimenting and bleaching/dyeing my own hair for years. Always do your research before messing with your hair. With that said, have fun! Hair grows back. You can cut it or dye over it if you mess up. It's not that serious. :D

10 Beauty Products to Get You Through Winter

top 10 Beauty Products to Get You Through Winter essential makeup items
I just experienced my first bitter cold winter. And it's still not over, it snowed just a few days ago. I was definitely caught off guard, but after a few weeks of trial and error, I've found some great products that are helping me manage seasonal dryness. These are all old products, actually, all I did was rummage through my collection and find things that used to be unfit for the tropical climate I was living in. You may not need to purchase many new items for winter either, I'm sure you can find dupes for most of these in your stash.

Times Square: The perfect nude liquid lipstick

colourpop ultra matte lip liquid lipstick times square review swatch nc30 lolita nude color
Nude lipsticks and liquid formulas: two of my favorite things. Combine the two of them and you have an instant makeup bag staple. Here's a perfect one to try that won't break the bank. I'm talking about the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip liquid lipstick in the Times Square. I showed this a bunch of times on Instagram already so here's a formal rundown of why I think you need this in your collection.

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