Product Review: MAC "Miss Behave" Blush

 MAC Mineralize Blush in "Miss Behave"
I don't really buy much limited edition products and I won't make a habit of reviewing them because it's hard to get a hold of them once they're gone, but I simply adore MAC's "Miss Behave." It was part of the MAC's Quite Cute collection for Spring 2011.  Sadly, I wasn't much into buying MAC back then (also MAC's LE products have a bad rap in terms of quality consistance) so I didn't pick up anything from than collection.  I wish I had.  The colors and packaging are adorable!
Anyways, I got this at a CCO last summer.  Usually I'm not one for mineralized products because I don't like shimmery or satin finishes (forever a matte lover!) but I truly love Miss Behave.  

It's labeled as a blush, but I use it only as a highlighter because it's too light to show up on my cheeks otherwise.  It would probably show up on pale skin tones as a light peachy-pink color.  The heart has a slight minty green color that is hard to pick up on camera.  It's great because it helps tone down redness.  

I should mention that it's quite powdery. There's a lot of powder kick-off when you swirl your brush in it. To minimize it I use a dense concentrated brush (the Real Techniques Expert Face brush). The powderiness doesn't translate offensively onto the skin and the texture of the powder is still quite soft.

Overall, I give this an A- (borderline B+ because of the powderiness). It's a perfect natural highlighter for my warm undertones because it reads peachy-beige.  I prefer it over white highlighters (like Benefit's High Beam) because it's better for everyday.


  1. Love your blog <3
    Can't wait to read more posts.And I love this blush, one of my favorites and it's really unique!

    1. Thank you for your comment! It means a lot! :)

  2. Amazing colours!! Loving your blog!! Xo


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