Product Review: Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Today I have some lovely eye shadows to share.  I was a bit skeptical about trying Makeup Geek eye shadows because it's a fairly new brand created my makeup artist and YouTuber Marlena.  I ordered two colors first (Unexpected and Unicorn) to see how I liked them and if they were good I'd order more.  I have to say, these are definitely worth trying.
Let's talk quality first.  These shadows are soft, blendable, and pigmented.  The color selection is very nice: mattes, shimmers, neutrals, brights.  Here is the biggest selling point: they are good quality and affordable.  Only $6 per eye shadow pan!  You could easily build up a diverse eye shadow collection for under $100.

Since I loved them so much I ordered some more colors to build up my "neutrals" collection.  Again, I was pleased with the quality.  They are not just "good for the price," they are good period.  In my opinion, better than drugstore eye shadows in general since drugstore eye shadows tend to lack either pigmentation or good texture (or both!)

Some notable things I should mention:

  • All the swatches on the Makeup Geek Store are true to their actual color in real life.  The only color that I found was not as accurate was Boo Berry (it's a bit duller in real life).  The side by side swatches are great for helping you decide what to get.
  • Some shades need more building up (like Unexpected and Unicorn) but you are still able to get the color you see on the pan.
  • The difference between MUG shadows and high-end shadows (other than price) really comes down to:  pigmented vs. super pigmented, soft vs. buttery soft.  
I give MUG eye shadows an A.  There's no chalkiness, stiffness or lack of blendability.  You can tell they were well made and researched.

My favorites:  Preppy, Unicorn, and Unexpected.
On my wishlist:  Nautica and Pretentious.

P.S.  If you sign up for their newsletter, Makeup Geek will send you a 15% off code valid until the end of October!


  1. These are some really lovely shades!

  2. Preppy looks like a really good base colour which you can blend a lot of shimmers and glitters into :)

  3. Those are pretty! I need to pick some out!

  4. such pretty colours!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  5. I've heard of this line before mentioned by other bloggers but have never been interested in checking it out until I saw your swatches and color choices. Being of near coloring - your color choices are great and flattering. Love "unexpected"


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