Product Spotlight: Fall Nail Polish

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Orly's "Rock The World" & Sally Hansen's "Haute Chocolate"

The end of October is a perfect time to pull out those dark nail polish colors.  Today I have a comparison of Sally Hansen's "Haute Chocolate" and Orly's "Rock The World".  Both are lovely shades.  I bought Haute Chocolate hoping it would be more like Rock The World.  On the nails, the gold shimmer in Haute Chocolate is not very noticeable since it's very fine.
One day I spotted Rock The World at Sally's Beauty Supply and had to buy it.  Rock The World is a gold glitter overload which is exactly what I was looking for for the holidays.

These shades aren't really dupes since the finish is different: subdued shimmer vs. in your face glitter.  They are similar because the base color is almost exactly the same: a wine/maroon.  I love them for different reasons.  Rock The World is festive and looks lighter because of the glitter.  Haute Chocolate is perfect for fall and winter because it's dark but still very "everyday wearable".

The formula:

  • Both formulas are on the thin side.  Not goopy and they dry quickly.
  • They aren't streaky.
  • Rock The World has started chipping faster than Haute Chocolate.
  • I prefer Orly's brush.  The SH Salon Manicure brush is huge.  It applies polish quickly but makes controlling the amount harder.
I love these colors.  Surprising because they aren't what I usually go for.  I give them an A- because I wish they wore a tiny bit longer.


  1. Rock The World is gorgeous!!!


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