Review: Illamasqua Creator Nail Polish

I've wanted an Illamasqua nail polish for the longest time!  I've heard their formula is great and high quality.  The packaging and color selection are great too!  The shade "Creator" was released this year, in August (I think!) and I initially thought it was limited edition so I felt the need to buy it fast!
There are some very similar colors in the market: NARS "Night Breed", Zoya "Storm", and one from Orly that I saw the other day while I was shopping (I don't remember the name).  There must be a lot more dupes that I don't know of since it's just black polish with silver glitter.

The reason I finally decided on getting "Creator" was that the way the glitter is cut is different from the dupes.  When I looked up close at the other colors, the glitter was slightly round.  In "Creator" the glitter is cut in a jagged rectangular way.  It's hard to explain in words.  Also, I was just too curious about Illamasqua's formula.

Sorry for the ramble, on to the nail polish!  "Creator" is slightly thick.  Upon first application I thought it would be a bad thing (because it usually is) but it's not at all!  It's a good kind of thick.  The kind that gives you the same opaque black you see on the bottle in just one coat!!  (Yes, that deserves to be in bold.)  Also, it dries surprisingly fast considering it's on the thicker side.  This nail polish wears really well and resists chipping.  Honestly, I am so impressed with their formula!  I really want more colors now!

In summary,
  • Great formula!  Applies smoothly.  Resists chipping.
  • Opaque in just one coat!
  • Has very few multicolored glitters here and there which set it apart from the dupes.
  • Glitter goes on evenly, it doesn't accumulate on one side of the nail more than the other.
I give this an A+, great formula and gorgeous holiday color!  I will wear this for New Year's!
Thanks for reading!  Hope you have a great week!


  1. What a beautiful shade! You made me want an Illamasqua nail polish :)x

  2. It looks gorgeous! I have never tried Illamasqua nail polishes before, they sound great too!


  3. Hi Coco, I love what Illamasqua's done with this color--- and like you said it would be great for new year's!

  4. Oh wow, what a stunning colour! I love that the glitter applies evenly <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. WOW, that really is a gorgeous nail polish!! I wish I had a better excuse than that to go out and buy it though as I have far too many nail polishes as it is haha :)

  6. Love the colour. Really try to stay away from glitter polishes usually because it's such a pain to get it off. xx

  7. Wow, beautiful colour and finish. Haven't come across this polish before :)


  8. This reminds me of OPI Metallic 4 Life but not as chunky and glittery. It would be a fun polish for New Year's :)

  9. This looks very pretty! Good to hear the Illamasqua formula is so good, I'll definitely check their polishes out! Thanks for the review. xx

  10. Hello there! I'm a new follower :) What an amazing color!

  11. This is gorgeous. Is it inspired by Prometheus? Glittery black and called Creator... it would be awesome if it is! :) x


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