Weekend Haul with Swatches: 12Nov2012

Left to Right: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in "Rose", MAC Mixing Medium, MAC Chromaline in "Pure White", Illamasqua Nail Varnish in "Kink", Maybelline Baby Lips in "Grape Vine", China Glaze Nail Polish in "Pizzazz", MAC Eyeshadows in "Charcoal Brown" (top), "Cranberry" and "Greensmoke"
Last weekend I got some makeup items that were on my wishlist. I've played around with some of them so I thought I would share them with you. I will include a cut because this post is quite picture heavy. To see swatches click "continue reading".

"ROSE" POT ROUGE:  This is my third Pot Rouge from Bobbi Brown.  That says how much I like them.  It's a really natural pink color, unlike anything I already own.  I had prepared a post on the Pot Rouges but now I will include this new shade and post the three of them together.

MAC MIXING MEDIUM:  This is a Pro product that I've always wanted.  Recently MAC started selling Pro products on their regular website so I was finally able to get it.  I really want to experiment with this to apply glitter on my eyes or make custom eyeliner colors.  It has many uses.

MAC "PURE WHITE" CHROMALINE:  I was looking for a white gel liner to feature on my Try It Out Thursday series.  I considered getting the white Maybelline Color Tattoo but it had shimmer.  This is also a Pro product. 

ILLAMASQUA "KINK" NAIL VARNISH:  I was so impressed with Creator that I bought another Illamasqua nail polish.  This one has a rubber finish.  The cap is rubberized (the regular cap is shiny plastic) which is really cool.  I'm excited to try it!

"GRAPE VINE" BABY LIPS:  I loved the pink Baby Lip so much that I wanted another one.  Sadly, this was a disappointment.  It's basically colorless.  I thought it would be a sheer wearable plum but it's not.  The texture is really moisturizing though.

CHINA GLAZE "PIZZAZZ" NAIL POLISH:  I bought this because I saw comparison swatches online and it's very similar to Deborah Lippmann's "Happy Birthday".  This has a bit more purple in it though.  I haven't used it yet.

MAC "CRANBERRY" EYESHADOW:  This is gorgeous!  Worth the hype.  Super pigmented and soft.  I already used this on my eyes and loved it.  I'm glad I got it because I didn't have any red toned eyeshadows.

MAC "CHARCOAL BROWN" EYESHADOW:  Another matte brown for my neutrals palette.  This one is soft and versatile because you can build it up.  It's very cool toned and I really like it.

MAC "GREENSMOKE" EYESHADOW:  This one was a disappointment.  The color is beautiful!  I wish the formula was better because I really wanted this.  I had to layer it a lot to get it to show up.  It's also a dry.

Baby Lips in "Grape Vine" - This is a heavy swatch, swiped many times.  It's basically colorless.

Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend.


  1. You got some great products. I've been thinking about getting the mixing medium before and totally forgot about it, lol. I'd love to see a review on it. I can see the similarity between Happy Birthday and Pizzazz, I happen to have both.

    1. Yeah, I'm excited to play around with it. :) I will make a Try It Out Thursdays post with it. x

  2. Can you get a swatch in of the grape vine baby lips? Is it as opaque as the other ones?

    1. I was going to post about the Baby Lips separately but I updated the post with a swatch xx

  3. great haul you got some really nice stuff! xx

  4. This is a great haul! I love the pot rouge! It's a beautiful shade as well as cranberry. Might have to add it to my shopping list :-) xx

  5. great haul. charcoal brown has been on my wish list for ages. love the look of the bobbi brown pot rouge. would love to read a review about it!


    1. I'll try to post the Pot Rouge review soon. Charcoal Brown is really pretty!

  6. So jealous, you got some really nice products <3 Cranberry is on my wishlist for ages.


  7. That's a shame the baby lips didn't show up :) I'd be interested to hear how you go with the Mac mixing medium :)

  8. Great haul! I've been lusting after the Cranberry eyeshadow for a while now, it's gorgeous. Can't wait to hear more about the Mixing Medium, especially for use with applying glitter to the eyes :)

    Shell xx

  9. Great haul hun. You will love Cranberry eyeshadow.

  10. This is suchh a mouthwatering haul. Been wanting everything in there, lucky you. Enjoy 'em n don't forget to review 'em <3

  11. That nail polish <3
    Raquel Mendes

  12. You got some great stuff!! I will have to check out the Pot Rouge from Bobbi Brown next time I go to Nordstrom. I will have to check out the baby lips, too!!

    Also, I had the same problem with 'Green Smoke' from Mac, it now just sits in my collection and I never use it.


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