Leona Lewis Collide Inspired Makeup

leona lewis makeup look tutorial collide music video
Hello, lovelies! Today I have a makeup look collaboration inspired by celebrity music videos. Sandra (from the Puzzle of Sandra's Life) chose Selena Gomez's glamorous "Come And Get It" music video and I chose Leona Lewis's beachy "Collide" video. The makeup consists of tanned dewy skin and black gel liner. I have a few more makeup tutorial videos queued so I'm excited to upload them soon. I've also acquired a microphone so I'll be able to film tag videos and better tutorials in the future. :) 

You can watch my video here:

And Sandra's video here:

I hope you enjoyed both looks! Happy Friday!
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  1. You have amazing skin! I thought you were already wearing foundation at the start of the video! Good job! Such a wearable everyday look too.

    à la foliee

  2. Very pretty! I love Nars Douceur. Can I ask why you put your foundation on after your eye makeup? x

    1. I did it in this order here just because and probably because the eyemakeup was going to take so long (because of the individual falsies) I just wanted to get the eyes out of the way first. Plus, when using MAC Face and Body I like to leave it for last since it's so dewy. If I rest my hand on my cheek to do my eyeliner and I have that foundation on I get a lot of transfer. I get a lot of transfer generally with that particular foundation.
      The order doesn't really matter. I usually do foundation first unless the eyelook is quite eyeshadow heavy then I do it last just to make 100% sure no fallout sticks to the foundation.


  3. Love this! You have such good skin!


  4. Love the look, you look stunning! You've got amazing hair btw x

    9 out of ten | follow me on bloglovin

  5. Nice makeup !

  6. love to see your makeup result <3 nice !

  7. Great tutorial Coco!! really like the look! xxx


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