Review: Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow in Mercury

bobbi brown mercury cream eyeshadow review
Hi, lovelies! I've been putting off reviewing the Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow in Mercury for so long! I had such high expectations for this product and it just fell short. This blog post has been sitting in my drafts for ages, just like Mercury has taken its place in the Twilight Zone of my makeup drawer. Hopefully this can prevent some of you from wasting $22 on a "meh" product. Specially those who stumble upon my blog by googling product reviews :).
What it is: A creamy, long wearing silver glittery eyeshadow.
The problem: The first layer looks too sheer on the lids. When I build it up or try a thicker layer, it drags or gathers a bit. It just doesn't build up flatteringly. 
Bottom line: I really wanted it to look like it does on the jar. I wouldn't call it a Metallic Cream Shadow like Bobbi Brown does. It's more of a glitter top layer to me. It's not gritty but it doesn't work as well as other creamy glitter shadows (like the MAC Let's Skate Paint Pot).
bobbi brown mercury cream eyeshadow review
bobbi brown mercury cream eyeshadow swatch
I've used it to add glitter to an eye look. Sort of like a loose glitter with a built-in adhesive. Sadly, it's not what I hoped it would be (even sadder considering it has such a pretty name). It's not terrible but I still haven't been able to achieve an eye look that I love using this. It was un-returnable since I got it at Bloomingdale's while on holiday and there's no Bloomingdale's where I live. Shame!

Have you tried any products that didn't meet your expectations recently?

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  1. I love BB Cream shadows, i find the formula is just a dream usually so it's a shame about this shade. x

    1. I don't own the other colors but I've tried them and the work so well! Much better than this one xx

  2. It's a shame the texture it has |:
    Especially for a high-end product.

    // Inês Paúl //

  3. A shame it wasn't better - Especially considering how beautiful it looks x


  4. i love the shade but not the texture.. using this one too! Looking forward to reading your next post.

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  5. It's a shame it was a disappointing product :( it looks really pretty on top of shale though xx

    Jess | J.S & Makeup

  6. I hate when the happens!
    The shade is simply to gorgeous on the container, though

  7. Wow, this looks stunning! I love the BB cream shadow formula and I have nothing like this in my collection. Hope you can find a way to wear it that you love! xo


  8. This is so stunning, I love how you can pair it with other products as well!

  9. Its a shame it doesn't work well because the shade is so stunning!

  10. not really good texture but still nice shade with MUFE #4

  11. nice review

  12. Such a shame it didn't look as amazing as in the little pot ;c i've been looking at let's skate for ages, it looks so pretty and versatile!

    à la foliee

  13. such a shame, I got this shade as well and is not getting any use because of that, I found that Bobbi’s cream shadows are hit and miss, some are really amazing and other are just to much glitter.. like this one! ^^
    Big hugs Coco xxx

  14. its such a shame it doesnt work as well as expected as it looks so beautiful xx


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