A Post Closer To Home: Coca-Cola & HSF Scholarship

hispanic coca cola scholarship grants contest
Although I write a beauty blog, I like to throw in the occasional lifestyle post here and there. Especially if I can use this platform to spread a positive message or help raise awareness on an issue. This is not a sponsored post (just putting that out there from the beginning). I felt compelled to write this post about the Coca-Cola and Hispanic Scholarship Fund college scholarships because I, too, was a high school student once (not too long ago really). While I was considering universities, the thought of applying for a scholarship other than the federal Pell Grant never crossed my mind. Although researching financial aid was my responsibility, my high school counselors (whose responsibility is to help students) never informed me that there were other aids available. It was not until my third semester at college that I learned I was eligible for Hispanic Scholarship Funds. For that reason I ask that you please share this post with anyone you know who is in high school and eligible for the Coca-Cola Hispanic scholarship. Or share this on social media (#CokeForEducation) so that it may reach someone who can take advantage of this opportunity. Coca-Cola Share Possibilities will be awarding $200,000 in scholarships for college-bound hispanic students. Nationally, the grand prize winner will receive $20,000; four students will be awarded $10,000 and sixteen will receive $2,500. The remaining $100,000 will be awarded by the company’s retail partners, within their respective communities, across the nation. The application deadline is December 15th. For more information visit their website here.

Thank you for helping me spread awareness! Sharing this only take a second and it may greatly impact someone's education and opportunities. Have a nice week!


  1. This sounds like such a great opportunity! College is so important yet it's SO expensive! Great post Coco!

  2. This is great! everyone should have the opportunity to go to college!



  3. Thanks for sharing this. I forwarded it to my niece. :)

  4. Wow what a great opportunity! Thanks for sharing lovely xxx



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