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nail polish of the week summer notd
I don't post about nail polish often enough because I sometimes get lazy about doing my nails. Plus, I like to constantly wear my favorite polishes over and over. I've already featured a few of these colors on my blog. Anyway, here are the nail polishes I wore this past week.

shimmerpolish jacki swatch
shimmerpolish jacki swatch
These nails look a bit different from mine because they are my cousin's :) She's guest starring in this Nails of the Week post. Matte top coats over glitter can cause grittiness, but the glitter in Jacki is so fine that it wasn't a problem. Matte glitter looks very cool in person, too. I will have to try this myself.

milani nail laquer in sugar rush swatch
When I took this picture my manicure was on its last legs so I apologize for the chipping. Still, I adore this pairing. Fun fact: It's what I wore to IMATS.

deborah lippmann across the universe swatch
I did a whole blogpost on this color once, it's just that beautiful. Whenever I wear this I usually convince others to head to Sephora and check out Deborah's polishes. It's like a walking advertisement. 

etude house sweet recipe ice cream polish in mint chocochip
This color also gets a lot of compliments. And even more when people see the bottle. I have never seen a name fit a nail polish more perfectly. 

loreal colour riche nail polish in violet vixen swatch
Last but not least, one of my favorite shades from L'Oreal. I have no idea what to call this shade of purple/pink? It would be an amazing color for a prom dress though!

What colors did you wear on your nails? How often do you change your nail polish?


  1. That 'Across the Universe' polish... HEART EYES EVERYWHERE! I love it. T xx

  2. I can't get over how cute the Etude House one is! I mostly wear bright reds or pinks, red nails have kind of been my signature look since high school. I do my nails once a week or when they start chipping/there's visible growth, changing them every day or every other day seems like a waste to me haha

  3. I love the third and fourth!

  4. You really have perfectly filed/upkept nails O.o I would not be able to manage that hah! Love love love the Deborah one. I have yet to splurge on a "luxury" nail polish, but your photo just makes me want to run to the local mall and grab it. I wear whatever I feel like wearing, but during the winter sports season, I would paint my nails to match my uniform heh :) It honestly all depends on mood, but I'm game for anything. x

    1. When it comes to luxury polishes, I find the lasting power to be better (like Illamasqua, those wear really well!) But it's not a product I like to splurge on so I'll usually only do it if the color is very unique x

  5. I love all of these! That milani polish looks so perfect with the nude polish color! I was wearing L'Oreal's trendsetter earlier this week and it looks similar- maybe a tad brighter than violet vixen, but so pretty!

  6. I love the look of the L'Oreal one, such a pretty colour! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  7. Love all of your polish looks but that one with the Milani nail really appeals to me right now for whatever reason :)


  8. So many beautiful picks, Coco! I've just added that Deborah Lippmann polish to my wishlist (so pretty!) and the Etude House ice cream polishes are adorable :)


  9. The Etude House nail polish looks adorable on the nails and in the bottle! :D As an ice cream lover I love the nail polish. I also really loved the L'Oreal color.

  10. Number 3 is lovely!

  11. Across the Universe is to die for but sadly Deborah Lippmann polishes aren't available in my country, so I will have to settle for the Sally Hansen dupe. And those Etude House polishes are so cute, my friends go 'awww' at the sight of those bottles in my stash xx

  12. Across the Universe is one of those forever on my wishlist kind of products. So pretty! I have a 'dupe' from Essence that is very similar, so I don't feel like I can justify the purchase, but we all know it will happen one day... :D


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