Yellow Cut Crease Glitter: Makeup Look + A Rant/Giveaway

lit cosmetics champagne wishes glitter nyx butterscotch eyeshadow makeup look
More glitter makeup looks! :D I've featured Lit Cosmetics Champagne Wishes glitter before (and will keep featuring it) because it's the quintessential glitter that everyone should own. It has multi-colored glitter, purple, green, and yellow, over micro beige glitter. So it's fun but also "neutral". Since the glitter is very tiny, it only covers the lid partially so it transforms depending on whatever eyeshadow is beneath it (which can't be said for chunkier glitters). 

lit cosmetics champagne wishes glitter nyx butterscotch eyeshadow makeup look
lit cosmetics champagne wishes glitter nyx butterscotch eyeshadow makeup look
lit cosmetics champagne wishes glitter nyx butterscotch eyeshadow makeup look
Weird zoom, but I wanted to show how the glitter reflects.
lit cosmetics champagne wishes glitter nyx butterscotch eyeshadow makeup look
lit cosmetics champagne wishes glitter nyx butterscotch eyeshadow makeup look
1. Mary Kay Foundation Primer 2. NARS Sheer Glow in Punjab 3. Inglot Blush in #20 4. Ben Nye Banana Powder 5. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer 6. OCC Creme Colour Concentrate in Pleasure Model 7. NYX Hot Single Eyeshadow in Butterscotch 8. NYX Hot Single Eyeshadow in Sunglow 9. Inglot Eyeshadow in #327 10. Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Latte 11. MAC Eyeshadow in Orb 12. Lit Cosmetics Glitter Base 13. Too Faced Shadow Insurance 14. Lit Cosmetics Champagne Wishes Glitter

I've used Champagne Wishes over yellow, gold, and green eyeshadow. I really want to try it over purple to see how it turns out. If you have any suggestions let me know below. Which eyeshadow colors would look nice with Champagne Wishes?

Prize: NARS Blush in 'New Attitude' (limited edition)

And what better way to end this post than with a sweet surprise giveaway! :D So before I get into the prize and the rules, let me explain the reason why I'm holding this. First of all, I adore giveaways. I love holding them and entering them. I've won some blog giveaways in the past and it's extremely fun to have free makeup delivered to your door. What beauty lover doesn't enjoy that? I also love holding them. It's really rewarding as a blogger to give back to people who read and support your blog. There are so many people that comment on my blog regularly and who have been doing so for a long time. I really appreciate that! It does not go unnoticed. Thank you so much for that!!

Now here comes the big but... I usually hold my giveaways via Rafflecopter widget. After holding several giveaways this way, I've decided to test out a different method. Why? Because sometimes holding giveaways leaves me very dissatisfied. Rafflecopter attracts SO many freebie hoarders and serial giveaway enterers. Who are these people? People who google the word "giveaway" and enter each and every one they find. People who frequent freebie forums where giveaways are constantly posted. People who follow you in order to enter the giveaway and then unfollow you after its over. People who enter several times using fake accounts. People who don't even read your blog. People who don't even want the prize, they just want to win it in order to hoard stuff or sell it online later. I've become very frustrated moderating Rafflecopter giveaway entries in the past. I do check them and delete as much fake entries as I can, but I kid you not, there are hundreds (sometimes thousands) of entries with dummy accounts. Moderating that many entries is just too hard and time consuming. 

I don't think it's fair for people who actually read my blog to have to compete with these people (since the more entries there are, the lower the odds of winning for each individual). I don't mind if you find my blog via a giveaway tweet or just follow to enter the giveaway, I've done that myself. BUT I do it with fashion/lifestyle/beauty blogs which are blogs I genuinely read. And I follow using my real active social media accounts, not dummy giveaway-entering ones. Another thing: I enter giveaways that have prizes that I actually want to win. When I win a giveaway, I'm extremely grateful and thank the giveaway holder and usually share the prize on my social media or review it on my blog once I have received the prize. I've sent giveaway prizes to many lovely gracious people in the past, but I've also had opposite experiences. People who are demanding or people who never notify me once their prize arrives. I have to check up on them to see if they received their prize and then get a "Yeah, got it a long time ago. Thanks." :/ I'm holding these giveaways because I want to. I don't expect anyone to kiss my bum just because they won, obviously. But I would think people would be excited after winning. This is not the majority, though. Like I said, most of my giveaway winners have been very sweet and gracious. :)

In summary:
This has been building up for a while, it was not just one catalyst event (as you can tell from my long rant). My intention isn't having less readers enter my giveaway. It's preventing a bunch of fake entries that lessen the chances of winning for real readers. I apologize that this method requires more effort on your part. Rafflecopter is very easy and convenient for both parties, but it doesn't actually verify if people have met the rules and requirements. Plus it attracts those fake undesirable entries. I usually pay for the prizes and the shipping with my own money (unless it's a sponsored giveaway) so I would love to have a genuine reader win it. 

Phew! Rant over. Without further ado, here are the rules:
1- Open internationally. Be mindful of your country's regulations regarding mailing cosmetics so it doesn't get sent back in customs.

2 - For the sake of disclosure: I didn't purchase this prize myself, I received this blush from NARS cosmetics. It was not a P.R. sample meant to be reviewed on my blog. It was part of a customer/blogger appreciation gift bundle. I have enough NARS blushes already and enough pink blushes in my collection. I wanted to pass this on to someone who would use it and appreciate it.

3 - The only mandatory entry is following The Beauty Milk on Bloglovin'. The rest will earn you extra entries. You will earn extra entries if:
You follow on Twitter, follow me on Instagram, like my blog's Facebook Page, follow me on Pinterest, follow me on Tumblr, subscribe to my Youtube (I'm going to be switching channels so if you were follow before you'll have to refollow this new profile, sorry), follow my blog via Google Friend Connect.

4 - Fill this form with your entries and post it in a comment below.
Bloglovin' username or URL:
Twitter username:
Facebook name:
Instagram username:
Pinterest username:
Tumblr username:
Youtube username:
GFC name:

5- This giveaway ends on July 2, 2014.

I will then take all the entries and extra entries, write them in small pieces of paper, put them in a bowl, and pick out a winner manually. Yep, the old fashioned way. Good luck!


  1. bloglovin name: nastrut silvia mihaela

    gfc: miki mouse

  2. I feel your pain Coco! My first giveaway has just ended and it was PLAGUED by over 1,000 fake entries, infuriating. It's really put me off doing another one! x

    1. I know! You put so much thought into the prize and it leaves you feeling deflated x

  3. I totally understand your frustration, and do appreciate that although this will take a bit more effort, genuine readers will enter! Thank you for the giveaway!

    Bloglovin' username: Tasha Yat
    Twitter username: @shi_washi
    Facebook name: Tasha Yat
    Instagram username: @shiwashiful
    Tumblr username: guardingasses
    Youtube username: shiwashiful
    GFC name: Tasha

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Thanks for entering, good luck xx

  4. Beautiful look and great giveaway Coco!

    Bloglovin' username or URL: Makeup Monster
    Twitter username: @makeupmonster_

  5. Bloglovin' username or URL: bubble10
    Twitter username: @BiancaRogoveanu
    Facebook name: Bianca Rogoveanu
    Instagram username: @biancarogoveanu
    Pinterest username: Bianca Rogoveanu
    Tumblr username: biancarogoveanu
    Youtube username: Bianca Rogoveanu
    GFC name: Bianca Rogoveanu

  6. Bloglovin' username or URL: courtney b
    Twitter username:@meandbells
    Facebook name:courtney bella
    Instagram username:vanitizebaby
    Pinterest username: courtney b
    Tumblr username:
    Youtube username:courtney b
    GFC name:courtney b

    thank you so much!! xoxo

    [email protected]

  7. Love your blog Coco! One of the first ones I check every morning!! You're gorgeous! And I can totally understand the plague of giveaway junkies just entering the giveaways without appreciating the hard work that goes into blogging

    1. I'm so glad to hear. That makes me smile, thank you so much for the support!!

  8. Thank you for the giveaway (:

    Bloglovin' username or URL: Lea May
    Facebook name: Lea May
    Instagram username: themillionthingsiwant
    Tumblr username: themillionthingsiwant
    Youtube username: AlexMorgan1O
    GFC name: AlexMorgan1O

  9. Bloglovin' username or URL: rikkipoynter
    Twitter username: rikkipoynter
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    Pinterest username: rikkipoynter
    Tumblr username: rikkipoynter
    Youtube username: rikkipoynter
    GFC name: Rikki Poynter

  10. Loving that glitter - I'm so tempted to get it! You're so talented. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and for making sure a real reader wins! <3

    Bloglovin username or url:
    Twitter username: fervargasv
    Facebook name: Fernanda Vargas
    Instagram username: fervargasv
    Pinterest username: Fernanda Vargas
    Tumblr username: fervargasv

  11. i love the eyeshadow so much ! Gorgeous ! and the bronzer looks so pretty !

    Giveaway, win Sally Hansen and Cocoa Brown self tanning products !

  12. I follow with bloglovin as ashlallan

    Ashleigh (@ashlallan)

  13. I've never hosted a giveaway for the very reason stated above. As much as I love entering, winning giveaways and the idea of hosting my own, I'm always afraid about attracting fake followers in the process. I think hosting a giveaway this old fashioned way is a great idea to ensure that a genuine blog reader bags the lovely prize. Thanks for hosting this, Coco. :) I don't own any NARS blush so naturally I'd be very excited and grateful to be the lucky winner.

    Bloglovin' username or URL: Slave to Vanity/
    Twitter username: @dianejbeauty
    GFC name: Diane Joaquin

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about the frustrations of doing a giveaway Coco… I think it's one of the main reasons why I don't do them. I want to make sure it's going to someone who truly appreciates the gift as well as supports my blog/YouTube channel (as silly as the latter half may seem). Stinks that some rotten people have to ruin things for the masses :/ Regardless, thank you for hosting another giveaway; you know how much I love your blog (which, can we talk about this makeup look? GAWWWWGEOUS as always; that glitter is everything and more) and would be over the freaking moon to win a NARS blush! That being said, which blush is it? I may have totally missed it but I don't see which shade it is… just wondering since I wouldn't want to waste your prize (if I won) by getting a blush I already own (orgasm and super orgasm). Just curious!! :)

    Bloglovin' username or URL: Thrift Thick
    Facebook name: I DO like your Facebook page but don't want my name out here on the internet for everyone to see… first name though is Cassie :)
    Instagram username: Thrift Thick
    Pinterest username: Same as Facebook
    Tumblr username: itscassmaster
    Youtube username: Thrift Thick
    GFC name: Thrift Thick

    1. Updates the post with the prize ;)

  15. I definitely agree with you here, it's a much better way to apply! I also love the effect of the glitter over the gold eye shadow so beautiful!
    Bloglovin: lauraslitteloves
    Facebook: Laura Kendrew
    Youtube: Lolck22


  16. I'm totally understanding of your issues of rafflecopter giveaway! I'm still a small time blogger so I don't or won't have that issue for now I think! I'd love to see that glitter over a teal eyeshadow!! I'd totally wear that!

    Bloglovin' username or URL: Sharlynn Ng
    Facebook name: Sharlynn Ng
    GFC name: Sharlynn ng

    Thank you so much! I don't own any NARS products!

  17. Bloglovin' username or URL: Denise Chong
    Twitter username: @DXC267
    Instagram username: mannequinboy
    GFC name: Denise Chong

  18. Bloglovin' username or URL: pinkcarnation31
    Twitter username: pinkcarnation31
    Instagram username: pinkcarnation31

  19. Coco! I love this look! I am so glad we both decided to buy glitters, next year I think I'm going to stock up! It makes a simple look something special and I love that you showed what the look looked like prior to the glitter!
    Also about your "rant" I totally agree. I have noticed fake entries for a while. And for me it is lose lose because if I have my giveaways on YouTube I get random people who subscribe and don't watch and then if I do rafflecopter you get all of the giveaway hoarders on there. And I also know what you mean about people not checking back after receiving a prize, for me it is like 50% of the time they don't email me or anything. A simple tweet would be suffice!
    HMPHH. I wish we could just have a big ole fishbowl with all of our supporters, big and small, that we could just pick a name out of!

  20. Bloglovin' username or URL: betzy carmona
    Twitter username: betzysmakeup
    Facebook name: betzy carmona
    Instagram username: betzysmakeup
    Pinterest username: betzysmakeup
    Youtube username: betzysmakeup
    GFC name: betzy carmona

    Thank You :)

  21. this giveaway couldn't have come at a better time for me... i've been looking to move on to a more high end blush, since the ones i use right now are by e.l.f. and they're just not packing the punch i'm looking for these days! i might have missed it, but i don't think you mentioned what shade you're giving away? i'll wear any shade of pink and i don't already own any nars blushes so i like the surprise lol but i just thought i'd mention it!

    Bloglovin' username or URL: jacnagy
    Facebook name: Jackie Nagy
    Instagram username: jacnagy
    Tumblr username: dreamcaptain

    1. Haha, I'm so sorry. I had sworn I included pictures and the shade of the prize. I edited the post now. Good luck :D

  22. I really like this idea of doing a giveaway - much better than rafflecopter!

    Bloglovin' username or URL: Von Dork
    Twitter username: Von_Dork
    Facebook name: Amy Elizabeth Clarke
    Instagram username:VonDork

  23. I've loved your makeup-look. I want to try this Too Faced Bronzer, it looks perfect for me too.
    bloglovin follower: laylahlima
    twitter: @laylahlima
    Facebook: Layla Lima
    Instagram: @limalayla22
    Pinterest: layla
    youtube : laylinha6
    GFC: layla

  24. I tote understand what you mean by your rant! I'm a new blogger (no posts bc I'm in process of revamping my blog) You're honestly so generous to share this blusher!

    Bloglovin' username or URL: skinny-donut
    Twitter username: skinnyd0nut
    Pinterest username: ainacakes
    GFC name: skinny-donut

  25. This look is so gorgeous! I love the glitter you have used. I always try to do something similar with loose pigment but I end up just making a huge mess!

    I know what you mean about the Rafflecopter method. So many fake entries!

    Bloglovin' username or URL: Leanne Marie.
    Twitter username: Leannemariexo
    Facebook name: Leanne Marie Dolan / Leanne Marie Blog
    Instagram username: Leannemarie_xo
    Pinterest username: Leannemariexo
    Tumblr username:n/a
    Youtube username: LeanneMarie17
    GFC name: Leanne Marie

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x

  26. I'm more of a mat or satin e/s person, so I can't tell you a match for Champagne Wishes T_T. Thanks for the givewaway!

    Bloglovin' username or URL: c1re5an

  27. Bloglovin' username or URL: Bany
    Twitter username: vaniavieira1988
    Facebook name: Vânia Madureira
    Instagram username: vaniavieira1988
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    Tumblr username: bany88
    Youtube username: bugsbany
    GFC name: Vânia Vieira

  28. Bloglovin' username or URL:
    Twitter username: elatheindelible
    Facebook name: Ela Kaimo
    Instagram username: elatheindelible
    GFC name: Ela Kaimo

  29. First, I just love this look! I just adore that mustard shade and would purchase it if I could pull it off but I sure as heck know I can't... Your rant is definitely accurate, I see so many people unfollow after the giveaway is over or people just following to enter it, so it makes sense you would think to do this. The blush is just fab by the way xx

    Bloglovin' username or URL: likeacat
    Facebook name:
    Instagram username: esindunbay
    Pinterest username: esindunbay
    Youtube username: mskedi89
    GFC name: likeacat

  30. Love this! I've been meaning to try out a cut crease/glitter lid like this for ages. Love this kind of look so much. Just to need to find somewhere to wear it! Fab idea with your giveaway also!

    Bloglovin' username or URL: absolutebeaut
    Twitter username: @sandyatab
    Instagram username: @sandyatab
    GFC name: sandy @ absolute beaut

  31. Thank you so much, I really want to try Nars blushes but here in Spain they are super pricey :( I never comment (sorry) but I always read your post :)
    Bloglovin' username or URL: Alicia
    Youtube username: Alicia Rodríguez
    GFC name: Alicia Rodríguez

  32. OHMYGOSH COCO. The look you did with the glitter was beautiful. I have a glitter from Sephora that flashes blue, green and purple, but appears white when tightly packed together; you've inspired me to actually use it in real life! Thanks so much!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! This is so amazingly awesomely sweet of you (okay, I sound like an over-excited 13-year-old. I'll try to stop heh); I agree about the rafflecopter stuff, since some people unfollow you after the giveaway or stuff like that. So here's my form:

    Bloglovin' username or URL:
    Twitter username: @Ms_AmericanPie
    Facebook name: Amanda Sin
    Youtube username: MsAmericanPieDesigns
    GFC name: ms.americanpie

    Thank you so much again! xx

  33. Bloglovin' username or URL:
    Twitter username: @AnnaIsNotReal
    Facebook name: Anna Wang
    Instagram username: @annaisnotreal
    Pinterest username: pouraqva
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    GFC name: Anna Wang

  34. Bloglovin' username or URL:

  35. What a stunning, summery look, Coco! The glitter is gorgeous! And thanks for the lovely giveaway. I totally hear you about the Rafflecopter issues. Cheers to doing things the old-fashioned way! xo

    Bloglovin' username or URL: Jennifer M.

    Twitter username:@VibrantVVBeauty

    Facebook name: Jennifer Monforton

    Pinterest username: Jennifer Monforton

    Youtube username: Jennifer Monforton

    GFC name: Jen27

    Thanks again, Coco! xo

  36. Bloglovin username: Siri
    Instagram: scribblewithliner.

    Too bad this makes for so much extra work on your part, While I don't comment often, I like to pop by your blog mainly because you do a lot of lovely reviews and looks. "Professional" giveaway enterers are a big factor as to why I haven't hosted any giveaways myself.

    Beeing a bit of a magpie, I'm thinking I might have to get my hands on that glitter. D'you know how it compares to UDs Moondust?

  37. Does the glitter stay or does it travel to places where it shouldn't be? I love glitters but I'm not too keen on placing them near my eyes.
    Bloglovin' username or URL:
    Twitter username: @ahteanaw
    Facebook name: Athena Racca
    Pinterest username: arveralois
    GFC name: Athena Racca

    1. It stays put pretty well because I use a glitter glue product x

  38. Oh wow, never thought that people did the googling giveaways thing.

    Bloglovin' username or URL: tropicthrill
    Twitter username: tropicthrill
    Facebook name: Cel Cabildo
    Instagram username: celcab
    Pinterest username: tropicthrill
    Tumblr username: celcab
    Youtube username: tropicthrill

    BTW, do you have any tips on blending out glitter? I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

    1. Definitely! I apply the glitter on the lid with a small synthetic dense brush but then apply the glitter on the edges with a fluffy blush so it looks blended.

  39. Coco - first of all THANK YOU for writing this post. I have been wanting to do a giveaway for some time now but having never done one before, had no idea really where to begin. I'd signed up at Rafflecopter but felt hesitant to use it. After reading your post and some of the comments from other people who have used Rafflecopter and had thousands of random/fake entries, I now definitely won't be using it! So seriously - THANK YOU! I second everything you said. As someone who will be giving away items I purchased myself and want someone who truly wants the stuff and not just someone who wants to "win" freebies, I am very grateful to you for this post! Also, your glitter cut crease is divine. :)

    Thank you for holding this giveaway! This is a blush I had my eye on and would love to win it!

    Bloglovin' username or URL:
    Twitter username: @glambunctious
    Instagram username: @glambunctious

    1. Glad I could help! You will have your work cut out for you if you don't use Rafflecopter but the giveaway will be more genuine in terms of the winner xx

  40. :)
    Instagram: sophiaaaaak
    YouTube: Sophia Kontou

  41. Bloglovin' username or URL: Tanya Soyer
    Twitter username:@TanyaSoyer_Blog
    Facebook name: Tanya Soyer
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  42. Bloglovin' username or URL: Amaya Lobo
    Twitter username: @laabejaamaya
    Instagram username: laabejaamaya
    GFC name: Amaya Lobo

  43. Oh yay I'm so excited I clicked this post,
    but really, when do I not click on your posts!

    You look stunning, I've been attempting Cut Crease looks too, and you're doing the giveaway the right way, I always think about how many non-readers actually win in giveaways, and how many fake page follows it creates! And it does keep me from actually entering them, as I feel like I don't even stand a chance. Anyway, thank you for the generous giveaway, Coco!

    Instagram username: peanutloveslipstick
    youtube: (just subscribed to your new channel) Varvara Irene

    1. Thank YOU for reading and supporting. Good luck xx

  44. ^^^
    oops, i accidentally commented with my personal email rather than my blog email!

  45. Yay! A secret giveaway! I definitely know how it feels to spend your money on a giveaway prize and see all these people that you've never seen on your blog entering. Luckily I've had readers win so far which is great. I'd love to win this blush, the color looks gorgeous.

    Bloglovin' username or URL:
    Twitter username: @neuzeth
    Instagram username: @neuzeth
    Pinterest username: @neuzeth
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    Youtube username: Laura Neuzeth
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  46. Stunning look, perfect for summer parties)
    Bloglovin' username: Greeklulu
    Facebook name: Olesai Flegka
    Tumblr username: Greeklulu

    GFC name:

  47. I love the look of a cut-crease, it makes me wish I had non-hooded eyes even more. Whining aside though, I love the look! And that close-up of the glitter...*drools*
    I wasn't aware that Rafflecopter attracted so many fake entries, it must be a real pain to try to get rid of those. La avaricia de este tipo de gente me entristece =/

    Bloglovin' username or URL: nesita
    Twitter username: @inarpe
    Facebook name: I'm following you but I don't want to write my full-name publicly.
    Instagram username: minuetofwoods
    Pinterest username: nesita
    Tumblr username: nesita
    Youtube username: aeris88
    GFC name: nesita

    Love your handwritting by the way haha x

  48. Bloglovin' username or URL:

    Twitter username: LoveShelbey

    Facebook name: Shelbey Ashburn

    Instagram username: LoveShelbey

    Youtube username: LoveShelbey

    GFC name: Shelbey Ashburn

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway, Coco! xo

  49. I absolutely agree with you on this giveaway stance, Coco. I hate those serial joiners as well and have sworn off giveaways even when I really want to reward the loyal readers because I find it unfair :( I think I'll go back to this manual giveaway system as well.

  50. Gorgeous look, as always! Please do my makeup someday!! And I totally agree about the giveaways, I have the same problem and then I get mad when my actual readers don't even see the giveaway! :p Good luck to everyone who enters ^_^
    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

  51. I've been so tempted to revert back to using this method for giveaways for a while, Rafflecopter's so easy to use though =/ but I'm totally with you on how annoying ungenuine entries are for giveaways!!

    Bloglovin' username or URL: wishingforchanel
    Twitter username: RCagz
    Instagram username: RCagz
    Pinterest username: wishing4chanel

  52. Bloglovin username: [email protected]
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    Gfc username: [email protected]

  53. Bloglovin follower: coldplayfan
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  54. Bloglovin' username or URL: Mary (NeonChipmunk)
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  55. Bloglovin' username or URL: sarahmcmast3r
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    Youtube username: Sarah mcmaster

    Your so good at the eye looks and you've made another really pretty one :)


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