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I had never published a Drugstore Hits and Misses on my blog before. I enjoy watching/reading these videos/posts a lot but usually don't have enough products to create one myself. This time I have a few and they fall into three categories: like, dislike, and indifferent. Admittedly, this is an old post that I had already photographed but never got around to writing so most of these products have been featured here already. My opinions on them haven't changed and I will link to individual reviews below. 

1. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Caramel Cool, $7 [HIT]: Oh, my god. I still stand by my statement that I believe this is the prettiest Color Tattoo in existence. Sadly, it was limited edition. Maybelline released it as part of their Dare to Go Nude collection. However, a friend of mine recently told me that she bought some shades from this collection at Walgreens and that she found them in their clearance pile. If you don't want to try your luck, you could always check on Amazon or eBay.

2. Wet'n'Wild Color Icon Glitter Singles, $1 [MISS]: The colors I have are Brass and Groupie. I have a full review of these in the works but to put it simply, they crease and feel greasy. I do not recommend these at all. Save your dollar towards something else.

3. Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeshadow Paint, $5 [MISS]: I have a review of this as well so I won't rant about it again. I find it dry, patchy, and not worth the money. My aversion towards this thing is strong. The color shown here is Pomegranate.

4. Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms, $9 [HIT]: There's a reason these lipsticks have made their rounds. They are pigmented, creamy, affordable, and come in a beautiful selection of colors. The color shown here is Complex. See my original review here.

5. Wet'n'Wild Walking The Red Carpet Palette, $5 [HIT]: I believe this has been one of Wet'nWild's best palettes to date. The texture and pigmentation are good but what really sells it is the color selection. The neutrals and golds here are gorgeous. Sadly this was limited edition too but I'm sure you could still find it on Amazon. 

6. Milani Bella Eyes Eyeshadow, $4 [HIT]: I love Milani but I didn't really know what to expect from these. Luckily, they are really rich, pigmented, and easy to wear. Really really good eyeshadow formula from the drugstore. Well done, Milani! The colors shown are Bella Gold and Bella Navy.

7. NYX Infinite Eyeshadow Pencils, $9 [COMPETENT]: When I reviewed these I talked about some of their positive qualities like good pigmentation and crease-resistance. However, I mentioned that I find these to be too dry for my liking. Considering there are better options at the same price range (like the Milani ShadowEyez Eyeshadow Sticks and the Jordana Made To Last Pencils), there's no need to put up with a less-than-excellent texture.

8. Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Sticks, $9 [COMPETENT]: I like these but I'm not wowed by them. I wish the pigmentation was a bit better so they didn't require layering. The staying power could also be improved. Apart from that, they get the job done.

9. NYX Hot Single Eyeshadows, $4.50 [HIT]: At some point I will make a blog post on all of my NYX Hot Singles, but for now trust me on this-- they're great. I love that they're round and can be depotted in the same way as a MAC eyeshadow. I've already put all of mine into my MAC Pro Palettes. If you wait for a sale you can get these for about $3 which is really cheap!

I hope you liked this new type of post. Tell me if you've tried any of the products mentioned above. What did you think of them?

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  1. i'm obsessed with the colour tattoos!

    check out my blog?

  2. Great roundup! I soo want to try those Milani shadows and it's always helpful to hear about the misses too. And the "competent" category is a handy one too- I've come across many drugstore products that fall in that category ;)



  3. Such a cool idea for a post!! I love this kind of post, really helpful.
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  4. I heard these wet'n'wild glitter thing look better in the shelf than they really are !


  5. I love posts like this, they're so helpful. The Milani shadows look beautiful!


  6. Aw darn, I remember thinking about getting that Wet n' Wild palette some time ago. I have one of the NYX singles too, I've only swatched it but it's so pigmented!

    xx becky // star violet

  7. I just picked up Caramel Cool, glad to hear such good things about it :D

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  8. I need to try some of these for sure.♡

  9. Miliani seems like a great brand i really wanna try them!!


  10. Lovely post! I really love the Revlon Matte balms as well. Shame that Caramel colour tattoo was LE, the colour is so beautiful!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  11. Great reviews the glitters look great to bad they didn't work out.

  12. LOL! "My aversion towards this thing is strong." I've tried the WnW glitters (like them for a special occasion glitter look, which is not something that happens often) and the NYX Infinite Shadow Sticks (I have Almond and love it). I'm tempted by the Milani Bella Eyes every time I step foot in a drugstore but have managed thus far not to cave. Great post, Coco!

    1. You should get at least one, they're nice xx

  13. I'm dying for more special maybelline CTT! We have only 10 shades here! It's sad! I would love to try some nyx hot pot shadows and I NEED to get a revlon matte balm to try for myself! Thanks for the list Coco!

  14. The W&W Palette is gorgeous ! I wish they would improve their packageing though

  15. Those Milani belle eyeshadows look so pretty, seems like the shades can be hit or miss though from reviews I've read. I hope to try them soon!

  16. I LOVE and ADORE Color Tattoos.. unfortunately we never seem to get the limited edition items that I have seen talked about on YT :/
    Milani is a brand I have heard many good things about and we used to be able to buy Wet n Wild and Revlon here in Finland but they stopped selling both brands.. at least here in Vasa :/

    1. I hope they start distributing the LE shades overseas soon x


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