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winter dry skin dry hands neutrogena latina bloggers norwegian tips
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I'm sure a lot of you have noticed your skin getting drier and drier as December approaches. Dryness affects your hands as well as your complexion. I was sent the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream to try for 7 days and report back on my results. I'll also be sharing my tips on dealing with the dryness that comes with the winter season. 

winter dry skin dry hands neutrogena latina bloggers norwegian tips
winter dry skin dry hands neutrogena latina bloggers norwegian tips
The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream comes in a small purse-sized tube. It has no scent and the consistency is thin and easy to spread. There is a scented version available as well, if you'd prefer. It was developed to relieve really dry skin that suffers from chapping and cracking. After using it for several days I found that my hands were overall much softer than before, even when I was not using the cream. The difference was particularly noticeable around my cuticles and nails which is where I get the driest. 

In order to combat dryness I have found beauty oils to be really effective. So next time, instead of using them only on your face or hair, try mixing something like argan oil with your hand cream or body cream. For extreme dryness, we're talking hardcore weather here, you could also put some cream on at night before going to bed and covering your hands with gloves. It's the same concept behind moisturizing your feet and putting socks on. Also, don't forget to reapply your hand cream often. Hands get dry very easily, specially if your job requires you to wash your hands often. 

What are your tips for preventing dry crackling hands?

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  1. I actually use this in the fast absorbing one, with combo with the body butter from BBW. I also sometimes sather it on than use my mom spa mittens at night.

  2. That's such a good idea to use beauty oils for your hands! I can't believe I never thought of that before. I get the driest hands/feet during the Winter it really is awful haha.

  3. Seems like such a nice product !


  4. Great review. I will have to try this.

    Skin & Roses

    1. Let me know how it works out for you x

  5. My hands are so dry definitely have to try this :) Great review xx

    Mary Bloomy

  6. I lovee this hand cream! One of my all time favorites for sure.

    Ana Leote

  7. this sounds wonderful! i'm using a laura mercier and & other stories ones at the moment :)

    from helen at

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