Huge Christmas + Birthday Wishlist

Saying that my makeup spending declined drastically during the second half of 2014 is an understatement. The extra money that usually went into occasional luxury beauty purchases started going towards food, clothes, coffee (lots of it), traveling, and other expenses. Consequently, my beauty wish list started to grow at a rapid pace. Since my birthday is coming up, along with the holidays, I decided to compile a list of the beauty items I want the most. Hopefully it will serve its purpose *hint, hint* :D

Bold Lip Colors
I thoroughly enjoy experimenting with alternative lipsticks. I've even gone as far as looking for these colors in-stores myself but have found them to be either sold out or online-only items. Here are the shades I'm anxious to try:

01. Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lipstick in Stavros, $32 - I've never bought anything from Tom Ford's cosmetics line because it is on another level of expensive. However, I feel like I need the shade Stavros because it is a grey/taupe lipstick with a satin finish (slightly frosty). How often do you come across that? The Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lipsticks are available at Neiman Marcus.

02. Melt Cosmetics Lipstick in Blow and DGAF, $19 each - Melt has some out-of-this-world colors and the ones I'm set on are Blow (a teal green) and DGAF (a royal blue). Just browse the #meltcosmetics tag on Instagram to see how opaque and amazing these look on the lips.

03. Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem, $20 - I've never tried a Lime Crime Velvetine but have been meaning to for a while because they are liquid lipsticks with a retro matte finish, my favorite kind. The color Salem is a deep chocolate brown shade. They are also available at Urban OutfittersEdit: I got this so I crossed it out!

04. NYX Matte Lipstick in Maison, $6 - After seeing one of my best friends wear this on a night out I knew I wanted it immediately. The color is really unique-- a dark, cool-toned taupe/brown. I've actually seen this color in local stores but since NYX lipsticks are not shrink-wrapped, the tube always manages to be damaged, smudged or someone used it previously. Gross.

Never-ending MAC Wishlist
Even though MAC keeps increasing their prices and constantly releasing uninspired limited edition collections, the products from their permanent range are usually amazing quality. Plus, the selection is endless. For that reason, it's completely normal for me to have an interminable wish list of MAC items at all times. Here are the things that are currently at the top:

05. MAC Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Uninterrupted, $14 - I've wanted this eyeshadow for such a long time! It's well-loved and frequently used by Linda Hallberg, one of my favorite blogger and makeup artist. 

06. MAC Lip Pencil in Stone, $16 - This is another item impulsed by one of my best friends. She got me into wearing the NYX Matte Lipstick in Butter, a cool-toned grey/beige nude, and Stone seems like a lip liner that would go amazingly with Butter. Edit: I got this so I crossed it out!

07. MAC Studio Fix Powder+ in C4, $27 - I had been using this powder since about 2009 but finally ran out of it in November of this year. I've shown this product on my blog many many times because I love how it works on me. It is definitely an expensive powder but I consider it a great investment because it lasted me years. 

Miscellaneous Items from Sephora
Sephora is a really dangerous place to go looking for a gift. You go in with one product in mind and end up wanting ten others. Here are some of my most-wanted:

08. Elizabeth and James Nirvana White and Black Perfume, $75 each - Yes, I want both. Sadly, I've gotten several deluxe samples of both Nirvana White and Nirvana Black from Sephora and I discovered I really love both scents. I probably prefer White a little bit more because it's softer and more daytime, but I really really want both. Perfume is something I never buy for myself so here it is on my wish list :)

09. Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Honey Bath, Souffle Body Cream, and Scrub; $45, $60, $50 - Yep, Laura Mercier bath products are obscenely expensive but I have never been able to find a scent that comes close to resembling their pistachio scent. It's amazing! These things have been on my wish list for two years, that's how much I want them (and can't afford them, ha!)

10. Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Metallic Dusty Rose, $32 - One of my friends has this product (I don't recall which shade) and after seeing it action and using it on her, I knew I had to have one of my own. 

11. Phyto Natural Weightless Hydration Kit, $25 - I've used Phyto hair care items in the past and have really liked both the results and their ingredients. Their products are expensive but this kit offers a good value. It comes with a hair oil, shampoo, and hair mask. 

What is your holiday wishlist looking like? Shoutout to my fellow December babies! Happy birthday! :)

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  1. I too love uninterrupted! As for Stone, apparently it will be discontinued, so if you fall in love with it make sure to back it up! ;)

  2. I love the nirvana white perfume got a sample from sephora order but they dont ship the full perfume to here in the UK so gutting

  3. I have the Mac Studio Fix Powder its amazing! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  4. Yes please to the Tom Ford lipstick. It's not the most common shade but it can definitely be worked with :) X


  5. Thank you for introducing me to Linda's blog. Her looks are incredible! She makes everything look wearable.

  6. I've seen swatches of Stavros and it's a totally gorgeous, unique shade! The Lime Crime Velvetines are gorgeous too :)


  7. Glad its not just me who seems to have the never ending MAC wish list. Nightmare! But then I would love the Laura Mercier body products, they just smell divine!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. Saaaame here with the neverending MAC wishlist, I've been wanting to get their 266 and 217 brushes for the longest time. I have been hearing a lot of good things about Melt Cosmetics, I kind of want Space Cake in particular but I don't know when I'd wear something like that!

    becky ♡ star violet

    1. The 217 is so good! I had it on my wish list for like 2 years before I finally bit the bullet. Now I own four. Lol. Says a lot about it though.

  9. I seriously want the same perfume, but I can't justify the price just yet.

  10. I looooove MAC Studio Fix Powder! I was browsing Sephora for some new bath goods last night too and ended up ordering some Soap and Glory products - Christmas is a dangerous time for shopping in Sephora! haha

    1. Definitely! You should see my Sephora "loved" list on their website. x

  11. I'm desperate to try some tom ford makeup too! I really want one of their boys lipsticks, I'm think maybe xavier :) Hope you get some of the things of your list!

    1. Thank you! So far I did get some things ;)

  12. Salem is on my wish list as well, it's so pretty! You need to get Uninterupted, it's such a beautiful transition shade x


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