Review: Wet'n'Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Cashmere

wet'n'wild cashmere silk finish lipstick review swatch dupe comparison mac viva glam rihanna 2
I put this lipstick on my wish list because Jordan from Boho Vanity once mentioned that Cashmere was a great dupe for MAC's Viva Glam Rihanna 2 lipstick. She doesn't own Rihanna 2 and neither do I, but judging from swatches online they look pretty darn close (Cashmere seems a bit darker). I never thought I'd like a frosty lipstick (much less a brown one) as much as I do this one. When I first saw Rihanna 2 on Temptalia, I wanted it immediately. It's so unique! 

wet'n'wild cashmere silk finish lipstick review swatch dupe comparison mac viva glam rihanna 2
wet'n'wild cashmere silk finish lipstick review swatch dupe comparison mac viva glam rihanna 2

Cashmere is very pigmented and the texture is thin and emollient. I imagine Rihanna 2 feels more matte and probably lasts longer. Cashmere wears off quickly. The packaging is also ugly and cheap-looking. Plus, the lipstick bullet doesn't retract all the way down (ugh, why?!) but what can you expect? It costs just one dollar! 

This is definitely the best dollar purchase I've made in a while. The color is not for everyone but I love it. The price difference between the Wet'n'Wild lipstick and the MAC one is large ($1 vs. $15) but MAC donates the entire $15 of Viva Glam lipsticks towards their AIDS Fund.

Would you wear this type of color/finish?


  1. This looks lovely and such a unique color and I've never tried a brown but now I wanted too.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

    1. You just might like it, give it a chance x

  2. I don't think I could pull off the finish but I do dig a good brown lipstick :) x

    Becoming Becca

  3. This looks like a beautiful shade with your skin tone. I never think to purchase the WetnWild lipsticks!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  4. You look absolutely beautiful! Brown is such a great shade on you

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  5. I really like this shade on you! I have Rihanna 2 and find it a bit more silver/purple than this one, but quite similar for sure :)


  6. Thanks for mentioning me Coco :) The color looks so much better on you, I think you can rock any funky shade though! I find I don't wear it too often but for $1 it's nice to have in my collection.

    boho vanity

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  8. I love that color! I've never tried those lipsticks from Wet n Wild but for a buck I'll just buy this one.

  9. Lovely colour

  10. Ooh! Love this on you! I have Rihanna 2 and I need to pull it out!


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