Cycle Survival Kit with Kotex at Walgreens

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pms period cycle survival kit tampons story panty liners u by kotex curves cyclesurvival
Since menstrual cycles are a part of life, the best thing I can do is try my best to go on about my business as usual. I'm sure you have also developed some rituals or habits that are very particular to your time of the month which help you get through it as smoothly as possible. They may involve particular actions or the use of certain objects. There are a few recurring items that I turn to during my cycle so they have become part of my "cycle survival kit."

pms period cycle survival kit tampons story panty liners u by kotex curves cyclesurvival
pms period cycle survival kit tampons story panty liners u by kotex curves cyclesurvival
I'll start by saying that I really dislike staying in on my period. Unless it involves camping or something water-related, I do my best to go out as I would normally. Also, I have a sweet tooth all the time so, even though I do treat myself while on my period, I try not to overdo it or else I will feel guilty. A lot of women turn to chocolate during their periods, but I simply have no self-control when it comes to it so I've started to avoid it completely. I'll usually snack on something and then do my makeup or nails while I watch TV episodes. Then I'll go out with my friends who are usually on their periods as well because women tend to "sync up", haha.

1. Sour candy: I've taken a huge liking to these over the past few months. They remind me of my childhood. The best thing about anything sour is that you have to stop after a while because it makes your tongue hurt. Ha, obligatory self-control. :D

2. Salty treats: Just so I don't overdose on sugar, I also like to snack on salty stuff. You can get the wholegrain kind (these are wholegrain cheddar goldfish) so they're better for you comparatively. 

3. Vitamin or fruit drink: It's important to stay hydrated during this time so make sure to drink lots of water. I also like to pick up vitamin infused water or antioxidant-heavy fruit drinks. They taste good without being overly sweet. Some of them have green tea which makes me feel energized but isn't as strong as coffee.

4. A new beauty purchase: I like to treat myself to something I can use even after my period is over. You can buy something cheap like a lipstick or some nail polish which you can use even if you decide to stay home binge watching a TV series.

Lastly, I'll prepare a cute pouch with the essentials which I will take with me in my purse or bag. 

5. Individually wrapped towelettes: (Or moist towelettes or cleansing wipes or whatever you call them.) These are lifesavers! You know how uncomfortable it can be to use someone else's (or a public) bathroom while you're on your period. These are a great remedy and since they are individually wrapped you can stash them anywhere. 

6. Pantyliners and tampons: The most important thing in my cycle survival kit, of course. The U by Kotex Curves® and U by Kotex® Lightdays Liners are great on their own for light days and spotting. Plus, they are excellent when worn in conjunction with tampons because they serve as a safety backup so you can have peace of mind. The adorable U by Kotex Curves® packing matches my pouch and nail polish well! The U by Kotex® Lightdays Liners are very thin, you don't even feel them, but they offer high absorbency. You can find these in the feminine care section next to regular pads. 

All of the items in my cycle kit can be found at Walgreens. Luckily, most Walgreens stores are open twenty four hours since your cycle can start unexpectedly. 

pms period cycle survival kit tampons story panty liners u by kotex curves cyclesurvival

Be sure to check the Ibotta smartphone app for coupons and deals. Right now they are offering $.75 off liners through the U by Kotex® Lightdays Liners rebate and U by Kotex Curves® or Barely There rebate.

That's it for my kit! How do you survive your cycle? Are there some products that you find yourself repeatedly buying each time? If you'd like to see more cycle survival stories for ideas, you can browse through these


  1. These items are simply adorable !!


  2. U by kotex are my favourite liners and pads, they are so thin but still do their job! Make some good products their Tampons are amazing !

  3. I used to be Madame Chocolate during my cycle. I'm a little more regulated now and I really just need good feminine products and a magazine. I live near the beach, so I kind of stay in during that week since we generally spend most of our time outdoors. I let my family do their thing and I hang at home. #client


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