Disney's Princess Kida: Last Minute Halloween Costume (Under $20)

disney princess kida kidagakash atlantis lost empire costume halloween cosplay makeup
Here's another Disney inspired Halloween makeup look. This time it features Princess Kida (or Kidagakash) from their under appreciated movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. This costume might not be super recognizable (it's not one of Disney's most popular movies) but I've always found Kida's aesthetic very beautiful. This costume is fast and easy. Kida is an ancient warrior princess and doesn't wear makeup except for blue markings on her cheek. The pivotal part of this look is the white wig, which does most of the work for you. 

disney princess kida kidagakash atlantis lost empire costume halloween cosplay makeup
I classified this as an alternative for an easy last minute Halloween costume because you can get cheap wigs in a lot of places during October. The outfit is very easy to put together. Just wear any strapless shirt or bandeau top you own (preferably blue) with a long skirt. Here is a picture of Kida in case you are unfamiliar with her. Basically this is all you need to do:

01. Wear as much makeup as you'd like. I opted for a very natural perfected base (that reads like an oxymoron) because she doesn't wear any makeup. I don't think that drastically changing your skin color for a costume is a good idea. However, I like the contrast of white hair and dark skin (plus I didn't want the wig to wash me out) so I used two bronzers: a matte one to contour and a shimmery one to bronze. She also has defined dark brows so I tried to stay true to that as well.

02. Draw her characteristic blue markings on your cheek. I'm an idiot and drew them on the wrong side of my face so I flipped the image above to correct it. Don't worry if you don't own a cyan blue eyeliner or cream eyeshadow (I don't either). You can mix any blue eyeshadow or loose pigment with: water, a mixing medium, white eyeliner or eyeshadow primer. I applied my mixture with a small brush for precision.

03. Put on a white wig. If you don't have blue eyes like hers you can either use contacts, forget about having blue eyes or photoshop your pictures (like I did). 

04. Wearing a crystal pendant necklace like Kida's would add a lot of authenticity to the costume. I had gotten mine from Etsy ages ago, but they're pretty common necklaces.




I hope you liked this, it's very easy and beginner friendly. Let me know if you remember this Disney movie. And have a fun Halloween!

xx Coco


  1. I love it - you look so good (your photography is gorgeous too). I actually watched this film a couple of weeks ago to introduce it to my sister, I think it's great! Hope you have a fab Halloween too.
    Laura x FloraLooTwo

  2. Ooh, a simple, but totally magical look! Love it! xo


  3. This is looking awesome !


  4. Ah! I LOVE this so much Coco :) You look so beautiful and this is an amazing idea <3 <3 <3

  5. I love Kida! I never think to create Halloween makeup as Kida. I love this makeup! You bring me back to my childhood memory :D


  6. This has to be my favorite halloween look youve posted

  7. wow you look so pretty!
    love this make up idea ^_^\


  8. I've been meaning to watch Atlantis! You've done an awesome job though :)

  9. Gorgeous! She's one of my favorite female leads in an animated film. I love her dark skin and the contrast with her silver hair and I love Milo too! I plan to be a ventriloquist doll for halloween! Wish me luck, I've never done the look before so I'll be winging it!

  10. Wauw this is really amazing, so cool!

  11. Ahh I love this look! Atlantis is one of my favourite childhood movies :)

  12. I loooove that you went with a costume that's different from the ultra popular ones! I don't recall seeing this movie before but Kida looks so pretty from the picture alone, your take on her is beautiful :) (and might I add the white wig looks sweet on you).


  13. Wow this is stunning! You have an incredible amount of talent ^_^
    You're so right , I remember only watching that movie once in comparison to the dozen+ times I watched the other movies, but after seeing this look I want to find it and watch it again. Love the wig too, you look so beautiful <3
    Iqra | The Blushing Giraffe x


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