Farnese Early Morning: Face Canvas Series

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I am currently working on queuing some blog posts for 2016 so I don't know if this post will go up before or after I have already started this series on Instagram so I will explain it anyway. Ever since I started this blog I have stressed the importance of makeup as a form of self expression and personality. I used to have this "weekly" series called Try It Out Thursday were I tried some "unconventional" colors, products or techniques. I love using colors and have eyeshadow palettes full of greens, purples, blues, and pinks. The inspiration for my color schemes comes from different places and sometimes it's from artists I follow. Since I wanted to bring something like the TIOT series into 2016, I decided to start the Face Canvas series where I will occasionally post makeup looks I've created along with the images that inspired them. Some of these looks will be traditional wearable looks and others will be more experimental. 

Today's inspiration resulted in a simple and wearable pink lip look. I'm not a fan of frosty lips, but I've found that I can tolerate metallic lip finishes. Metallic lips are a prettier take on 90's frosty lips (in my opinion) and have started to pop up in releases from brands such as LA Splash (with their Día de los Muertos metallic liquid lipstick range) and Lime Crime (with their Perlees lipsticks). You certainly don't need to buy metallic lipsticks to try this trend (particularly if you only want to wear them occasionally) because you can easily achieve the same effect using a pearl, satin, frosty or metallic eyeshadow on top of your regular lipstick. That's what I did here.

I first applied the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London as a base. This gives the eyeshadow something to stick to. Also, remember to pat the eyeshadow; don't swipe. Then I used the NYX Hot Single Eyeshadow in Flustered (a shimmery pale pink) all over the lips. I highlighted the center and the cupid's bow with a light frosty color (MAC Jest Eyeshadow). Finally, I shaded the outer corners of the mouth with MAC Cranberry.

The beautiful pink landscape that inspired this lip look was created by the artist Joa Stenning.

I hope you enjoy this series and can take some inspiration from it or find new artists to follow. :)

xx Coco


  1. This is so beautiful! The metallic finish looks stunning and I love that it draws inspiration from the all the ethereal colours in the painting, such a great idea to base makeup looks on other forms of art. I can't wait to see more from this series! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. That's really encouraging, thank you x

  2. Spot on Coco! :) Love it, a lovely twist of colours


  3. I love this! Comparing beauty and art is brilliant! XX

  4. I love this! It's so wearable, but it's different from just a lipstick. i've been trying to do more lip art in general - it's a lot different from on the eyes. I can't wait to see more from you!

    becky ♡ star violet

    1. I've been enjoying lip art too but it's so hard to get crisp lines x

  5. Love this! Love the painting too. It's nice to find inspiration in places beyond other peoples' makeup!

  6. This is looking so lovely !


  7. Oh, this is awesome! I can't wait to see this new series, I bet it will be fantastic! I can totally see how these lips were inspired! It's gorgeous! Love the painting too <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

  8. Love this series - it's genius!! I get so much inspiration for makeup looks from art.

  9. This looks lovely



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