DIY: Carefree Feminine Hygiene Travel Bag (Cactus Print, No Sewing)

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diy do it yourself cactus print travel bag no sewing period feminine hygiene makeup case carefree

One of my blog resolutions for this year was sharing more Do-It-Yourself posts, so here's one! Today's DIY is super easy, versatile and very handy for us women during that time of the month. I recently mentioned having gotten surgery last month. I had an endometrial polyp removed which is basically an abnormal growth of tissue. Besides reminding me of the importance of going to the doctor regularly, the experience resulted in having to carry around pantyliners everywhere. The polyp and the surgery caused consistent surprise spotting and discharge so having a feminine care kit on hand was extremely useful (specially at the gym). It's super helpful to have a time-of-the-month case that you can take anywhere: from your purse or school backpack to your gym bag. I'm going to teach you how to make your own cactus print case so you can store all your essentials. It's super easy, no sewing required. That way you'll feel Carefree anywhere you go.

I decided to decorate my bag with a cute cactus print because we all get a bit prickly during our periods (just like our unshaved legs). Haha. Just kidding. You can draw on any print of your choice or buy printed fabric instead. Once you get the hang of making these, you can easily make your own travel or makeup bags. You can get everything you need for this at your local Target stores. Including the products to put inside your feminine care. Here's what I always stuff into my female emergency bag:

1. Panty liners
Like the Carefree® Acti-fresh® Thin which are very flexible and thin but quite absorbent. You don't even feel them. They also come in an Extra Long variety which are great for the gym. Carefree® also offers Original Regular and Thong pantyliners.

2. Sanitary pads and tampons

3. Moist towelettes (or baby wipes) and tissues

4. Ibuprofen packets

5. Hand sanitizer or disinfectant

diy do it yourself cactus print travel bag no sewing period feminine hygiene makeup case carefree

Now here are the materials you'll need to create your own DIY Cactus Print Feminine Hygiene Travel Bag:

1. A piece of fabric (in this case canvas fabric) that is about 13 x 8 inches
2. Fabric or craft glue
3. Scissors
4. An all purpose zipper
5. Black and green permanent markers or fabric markers

diy do it yourself cactus print travel bag no sewing period feminine hygiene makeup case carefree

1. Grab your fabric of choice. In this case I chose canvas fabric which is durable and easy to draw on. A piece of fabric which is about 13 x 8 inches is a good place to start. The size of the fabric needed will depend on the length of the zipper you bought and how many items you'll want to stuff inside your bag. This size fits over ten Carefree® Acti-fresh® pantyliners and still has a bunch of room for your other products.

2. Place (don't glue) your zipper in the middle. If there is excess fabric, cut it off. Your piece of fabric should be as tall as your zipper. Then, fold about an inch of fabric on both sides. If your fabric is thicker, you might need to iron these folds so they stay down.

Note: Your fabric should be upside down. The "outside" (correct) side of the fabric should be facing down on the table. 

3. Add glue to each side of the zipper and glue the flaps you folded on each side to the zipper.

4. Let the glue dry properly according to the instructions on the bottle. You should be ready to proceed in about 30 minutes to an hour.

5. Once your glue is dry, turn the bag inside out.

6. Now, glue the sides of the bag shut. Press on them so that there are no open spaces in the bag. The only opening should be the open zipper.

7. Wait for the glue to dry (about 30 minutes to an hour once more) and turn the bag inside out again. Your bag is now finished and ready to be decorated!

8. Using your permanent markers or fabric markers, draw a pattern of cacti on the fabric.

9. Your bag is ready! That was super easy! In case you needed to wash your bag, it is machine washable after 24 hours (that gives the glue enough time to dry completely). If the print fades, you can easily touch it up with your markers.

10. Stuff your bag with all your female product needs and take it wherever you need to. 

There's a Cartwheel offer running right now from June 27th through August 7th for 10% off on Carefree® liners at Target. Aprovecha!

Let me know what you'd put in your feminine travel bag. And have a great day, chicas!

xx Coco


  1. Oh my goodness! This is TOO cute! I love the cactus print.

  2. This is such a cute idea! I love the cactus print so, so much!

  3. Such a cool DIY, thanks for sharing Coco!

  4. That is super cute, and prickly cactus matches my legs ;P I need to restock my kit so bad, everything is all over the place and I get frustrated more quickly at that time of the month so having it all together is a must!

  5. I love this D.I.Y - nice design. I've seen other people talk about making your own feminine hygiene travel bags. There a good idea, keep your stuff in one place, cute and tidy x


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