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bleach shinigami lieutenant shuhei hisagi costume makeup tutorial halloween cosplay ideas anime manga
This is definitely a niche costume and I know many people won't recognize who this is. However, if you're also a fan of the manga/anime series Bleach then you will love this Halloween costume idea. It's really easy to dress up as Bleach characters (particularly Arrancars or Hollow Ichigo) because you can achieve the look mostly with makeup. This makes it a great last-minute/cheap alternative. The Bleach manga actually ended this year about 15 years after its initial release! To commemorate this huge part of my childhood coming to an end, I decided to dress up as a few of my favorite characters. Today I'll be showcasing Co-Lieutenant of the 9th Division's Shuhei Hisagi

bleach shinigami lieutenant shuhei hisagi costume makeup tutorial halloween cosplay ideas anime manga

What you need:

1. Red eyeshadow or eyeliner (for the facial scars)

1. a) Optional: Rigid Collodion Scarring Liquid for more realistic scars (you can buy this at costume and party stores such as Party City)

2. Black eyeshadow, eyeliner or face paint (for his 69 tattoo and choker)

3. Tape or a piece of paper (you could also draw this on)

4. Spirit Gum Adhesive or Lash Glue (to secure the strip on your face)

This look is super easy to achieve. Here are the basic steps:

1. Do your makeup as you normally would (foundation, concealer, eye makeup, etc.) I am not going for an exact cosplay-level rendition, this is a costume for Halloween. I'm not going to try and make my face look masculine or wear a wig. So if you want to go for a smokey eye, go for it! This can be a female Hisagi.

2. Draw on his characteristic three vertical scars on the right side of your face. The tape and '69' go on the left! This is the only thing that is very important. I, of course, went ahead and did it backwards. So I had to photoshop the images. Lel.

3. If you use Rigid Collodion for the scars, make sure not to use it too close to your eyes. That thing stings and hurts, even the fumes! Use it only on your forehead and cheek. 

4. Draw on or stick a gray piece of paper or tape on your left cheek, right below your left eye. Draw a '69' beneath that. 

5. Draw a cutout black choker on your neck (and arms, not shown here) using something black. I suggest liquid eyeliner because it stays on better than face/body paint. 

Suggestion: Rigid Collodion scarring liquid can be hard to remove. Ripping it off may irritate your skin. Take it off using something oily such as the Neutrogena Body Oil. Coconut oil would work as well.

bleach shinigami lieutenant shuhei hisagi costume makeup tutorial halloween cosplay ideas anime manga

And that's it! Very, very easy. You can dress in all black or grab your spare Shinigami outfit from your closet. Bleach fans will instantly recognize who you're dressed as. You can tell everyone else you're dressed as a Grim Reaper, samurai, death god or something like that. You'll still look cool!
Have fun this Halloween! More easy makeup-only costumes will be coming your way! Tell me, what are you planning to dress up as this year?

xx Coco


  1. This is such a cool makeup look !


  2. Amazing make up look <3
    so fierce and cool !

  3. Real good, sometimes you don't need to be an 'expert' in S/FX or makeup to do looks - just have fun - gotta love the filter lol xo


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