Easy Makeup Only Halloween Costumes: Pastel Skull

easy last minute makeup only cheap halloween costume tutorial ideas pastel mint green lilac purple skull
I'm back with another easy, makeup-only Halloween costume idea! :D I'll be posting several more Halloween looks this week leading up to the 31st. These costume ideas are centered around using makeup products you already own (or ones you could get easily at the drugstore). I love dressing up and making/buying costumes, however it is not always possible due to time and/or money constraints. Makeup-centric costumes are cheap, can be worn with anything you have in your closet already, and are a fun to create. Today I'm taking on the typical Halloween skull face makeup which I had actually never done before. I see these a lot online and always thought they were very cliché but then I don't actually see much people wearing them out in real life during Halloween (I do see a ton of Wednesday Adams though.) If you want more easy costume ideas, you can browse my Halloween tag.

easy last minute makeup only cheap halloween costume tutorial ideas pastel mint green lilac purple skull

The skull face makeup is super easy to create. You could even do a black and grey skull with just one eyeliner pencil and call it a day. If you want to get more creative (or make sure you don't run into a skull twin during Halloween) you can add colors or rhinestones to your skull. I decided to make mine a mint green and lilac pastel bedazzled skull.

What I Used

2. Illamasqua Cream Pigments in Dab (lilac) and Bedaub (green)
8. Duo Lash Adhesive
9. Green and Lilac rhinestones


+ You can use anything as face paint. As long as it's creamy enough to blend out well. I've used cream eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks. Whatever! If it's the color you want, use it!

+ If you happen to have Illamasqua Cream Pigments laying around, use them as face paint! I love them! They are opaque, they blend out very easily, and they don't accentuate skin texture (a lot of cheaper face paints do).

+ If you can, set your face colors with powders that are the same color of what is underneath. I set the mint green pigment with MAC's Aqua Eyeshadow, the lilac pigment with Coastal Scents Lavender Eyeshadow, and the black parts with Makeup Geek Corrupt Eyeshadow. Setting your makeup with powder is a standard practice to increase longevity, but doing so with the same colors will make everything look more vibrant and prevent patchiness.

+ If you plan on doing more Halloween looks in the future or want to get into face/body painting, I recommend getting something like the Graftobian Grease Wheel in the Primary Colors. In this case I only used the black color, but you can mix the colors and get any shade you want. 

easy last minute makeup only cheap halloween costume tutorial ideas pastel mint green lilac purple skull

Finally, don't forget to take silly pictures using Snapchat filters. Have fun and stay safe this Halloween! Have you ever worn the ol' reliable skull costume? Did you put your own twist on it?

xx Coco


  1. This make up look is so cool! I always love skull make up inspiration for halloween... <3

  2. Beautiful - I love how it's a bit more subtle than some other skulls out there. And that last snapchat filter pic is glorious :D

  3. Hah~! This is sooo gorgeous! I love how it's very simple but the pastel gradient of the mask base looks so gorgeous with those touches of gems!

  4. I like skulls, so skull makeup -thumbs up- all the time. xo


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