Gift Guide: What to get a makeup lover that has it all?

holiday christmas makeup lovers beauty gift guide shopping women

Are you having trouble choosing a gift for a makeup lover who already owns a bunch of beauty products? Arguing that they have enough stuff already and don't need any more would be completely reasonable. But if you still want to get them makeup because, let's face it, they'd love it; here are some recommendations from someone who also owns a bunch of makeup already :) I meant to get this post up a bit earlier. I realize it's now Christmas Eve, but there are other holidays or occasions you may be gift shopping for. Or maybe you got a few gift cards for Christmas and want some ideas on what to spend them on.

In no particular order, here are some gift suggestions for products they probably don't already own.

holiday christmas makeup lovers beauty gift guide shopping women

1. Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Metallic Mysteries Palette - $59

Linda Hallberg is a new makeup brand by the incredible swedish makeup artist and blogger, you guessed it, Linda Hallberg. It launched fairly recently so it's safe to assume whoever you're buying for doesn't already own any LH products. Better yet, LH released two new products this month: the Metallic Mysteries and Enchanted Secrets palettes. I'd personally love to receive a Metallic Mysteries palette. And considering this is a brand new product, your giftee is likely not to own it.

These can only be found online on Linda Hallberg Cosmetics. They ship worldwide.

2. Anything from Milk Makeup - $10 to $50

Milk Makeup is a trendy brand that also launched recently. It is fairly well known in the beauty community but I know some people (myself included) have yet to purchase any of their products. It's a novelty brand and sometimes we tend to stick to familiar reliable brands. Milk Makeup would make a great "I've been wanting to try it but was never going to get it for myself" gift.
Recommended products: Any of the highlighters or gift sets.

Milk Makeup products can be found on Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, and on their website.

3. Fenty Beauty - $16 to $60

This is Rihanna's recently released makeup brand. Trust me, beauty enthusiasts are dying to try her products. It's not just because it's Rihanna's line, the products are actually really good. Because of the hype surrounding Fenty, a lot of things sold out during its initial launch. There's a good chance your giftee doesn't own many (or any) Fenty Beauty products.
Recommended products: Everything. Seriously. Lipsticks and highlighters are a safe choice. The Uncensored Lip Paint would make a great gift.

Fenty Beauty can be found on Sephora and the Fenty website.

4. Paul & Joe Beaute - $10 to $85

Paul & Joe is a smaller boutique brand that I have featured on my blog before. Since they don't have worldwide mainstream distribution, your giftee may not have even heard of them before. The brand is more known in Europe and Asia but you can get their products online at U.S. based retailers as well. Their products have a vintage french luxury feel. The packaging makes you want to have the products out on display. Plus, they're a cat friendly brand that offers a ton of cat-themed beauty items such as cat-shaped lipsticks, blushes and eyeshadow adorned with cat prints, and cat makeup bags. A Paul & Joe item would be the ultimate gift for a cat and makeup lover. Check out my previews P&J reviews here.
Recommended products: The cat-shaped lipsticks and the blushes (cream or powder)

Paul & Joe Beaute can be found on Beauty Bay, Asos, Beautyhabit, and B-glowing

5. New Limited Edition Products - all price ranges

The holidays are the time for hundreds of new releases of limited edition makeup items. You can get anything from eyeshadow palette, body & skincare to holiday sets. This is a surefire way to guarantee you get your special someone something they don't already own. The only downside is that the best products sell out quickly so you can't hesitate on your purchase.
Pretty much all brands release new limited edition holiday products. I suggest shopping at Sephora because whatever you don't find in-stores can be purchased online. Plus, they have a considerable amount of international stores.
P.S. Stay away from MAC Cosmetics holiday releases. They have a tendency to be crap and offer poor value. Get something from their permanent range instead.

Recommended products: NARS Narssisist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette ($59), KatVonD Metal Matte Mini Eyeshadow Palette ($39), Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit ($40), KatVonD Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Set ($49)

6. Laura Mercier Body Collection - $18 to $75

The Laura Mercier bath and body products were iconic beauty items from the old school YouTube/blogging beauty community of 2006-2008. Laura Mercier makes luxurious bath products with decadent scents. They offer body creams, honey baths, fragrances, hand creams, and candles. You can buy these separately or get one of their sets (they're a good value! highly recommended). These are pricey (considering they're bath & body products) but they are a spoil-yourself gift, like perfume, that people don't usually get for themselves. It's a nicer option (if it's in your budget) than gifting Bath & Body Works products. No shade to B&BW, I like them a lot and used to work there myself, but their scents sometimes feel juvenile.

Recommended products: The Almond Coconut Milk Body Collection Set ($75), any from the Fresh Fig scent range, any from the Creme de Pistache range (the most delicious scent I've ever encountered).

Happy Holidays, everyone!

xx Coco


  1. LINDA HALLBERG CAME OUT WITH HER OWN MAKEUP?? I've missed so much since I stopped blogging lol! I love her work so so so much, I still have a folder of screenshots for inspiration

    1. YES!!! I'm so proud, lol. She's been one of my biggest inspirations in makeup and blogging for years. <3 I want to try her products so badly x


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