10 Beauty Products to Get You Through Winter

top 10 Beauty Products to Get You Through Winter essential makeup items
I just experienced my first bitter cold winter. And it's still not over, it snowed just a few days ago. I was definitely caught off guard, but after a few weeks of trial and error, I've found some great products that are helping me manage seasonal dryness. These are all old products, actually, all I did was rummage through my collection and find things that used to be unfit for the tropical climate I was living in. You may not need to purchase many new items for winter either, I'm sure you can find dupes for most of these in your stash.

top 10 Beauty Products to Get You Through Winter essential makeup items

Essential Winter Beauty Products

top 10 Beauty Products to Get You Through Winter essential makeup items

1. Pure Jojoba Oil: Mixing an oil with your moisturizer is not a novel beauty hack. However, beauty oils are pricey, ranging from $25 to $60 for just a few ounces. If you're on a budget, like me, you can get some pure jojoba oil from your local health food store and mix two drops into your daily moisturizer. Make sure it's 100% jojoba and doesn't have any other filler ingredients.

2. Revlon ColorBurst LipButter in Berry Smoothie: I was obsessed with these during my first years of college. I owned every color and even had backups. They were one of the first mainstream drugstore products that went viral in the early beauty blogging/vlogging community. Back then, most satin drugstore lip products were either too glossy or sticky. These were perfect-- buttery and creamy. While today's drugstore aisles have an abundance of quality balm lipsticks, these have passed the test of time and are still a product I come back to every now and then. Particularly now because they are comfortable to wear and great at disguising chapped lips. 

3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+: I have a normal to oily skin type so my face does not agree with rich and thick moisturizers. The Clinique Dramatically Different Gel had been my favorite moisturizer for years but I found that I needed something stronger once I moved to a drier climate. So if you have an oily skintype or dislike heavy moisturizers, the Lotion+ version would be a great winter alternative for you. 

4. Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer: Although I typically wore face primer anytime I put on foundation, I have to admit to skipping it on occasion. Now? No way would I forget to put it on during the winter! The dry weather really accentuates skin texture. So even though I may not need to add longevity to my makeup, I could really use help with flakiness. Any primer would do, but silicone primers, such as the Mineral Veil, are particularly helpful for disguising texture. 

5. Mario Badescu Facial Spray: Okay, this is the only product out of the ten that is a brand new purchase. Facial mists are very trendy beauty products but they do help a lot during the winter. This is great for when your face starts feeling tight and dry midday and you can't wash your face or reapply moisturizer. All you have to do is spritz this on your face to get instant relief. I must say, this is not my favorite beauty facial spray. It smells nice and does the job, but it's really watery. I prefer more emollient sprays such as MAC's Fix+ because they act like a moisture sealant. I feel like the Mario Badescu does not have long lasting effects and I end up having to use it more often than I would like. It's a reasonable remedy considering it only costs $7 but I would recommend incorporating a good facial mist into your daily routine, not necessarily the Mario Badescu one.

6. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skim Protectant: I bought this ages ago on Lisa Elridge's recommendation. She kept it in her kit to use as a lip gloss or for mixing. I found that it serves as the most amazing winter lip balm. It reminds me a lot of the nipple creams many people swear by as dry lip saviors. Plus, you get a ton of product for your money.

top 10 Beauty Products to Get You Through Winter essential makeup items

7. MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul: I have featured this blush on my blog on numerous occasions (click here to see the original review). It's one of my favorite blushes and I seem to gravitate towards it during the winter season. Warm Soul is a burnt peach, terracota-like color. It may seem average in the pan, but once you start comparing it with other colors in your collection you will realize it's quite unique. Not quite peach nor pink nor brown. It gives you what I like to call the "wood cabin glow", lol.

9. L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil: This is my favorite shaving gel year-round. It's gentle, intensely moisturizing, and doesn't give me an allergic reaction like most foaming shaving creams do. I've also been using it for its intended purpose during the winter because it's a lovely moisturizing shower gel. I can even skip applying body lotion when I use this. 

top 10 Beauty Products to Get You Through Winter essential makeup items

8. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Paaarty: This shade came in last year's Sephora Birthday Gift kit. It runs along the same line as Warm Soul but it's more on the muted pink-brown side (think NARS Douceur). It's a good idea to avoid colors that will accentuate the winter red cheek syndrome. Shades like Paaarty and Warm Soul are good for neutralizing the redness caused by chilly winds. 

10. Benefit BeneTint Lip & Cheek Color: I adore using lip stains during the winter because they wear well and don't need reapplying. Who wants to bother with touchups when you're freezing and have gloves on? Plus, when you put a layer of lip balm on top of this (a necessity during the winter) it turns into a diffused ombre lip. Very Korean makeup chic! 

What are your winter beauty essentials? Are they any of the ones in my list?

xx Coco


  1. I have the Hourglass primer and I love it! Unfortunately, my skin really has gotten so chapped that I skip primer in favor of moisturizer. Aveeno makes a great one with SPF 15. If you have a little extra $$$, see if you can get a mini/trial version of Laneige's sleeping mask. My skin feels supple and not greasy at all. Still working on the flakes at the tip of my nose and the tops of my cheeks though! xx

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out next time I'm at Sephora x

  2. My skin is usually normal most of the year, but I can just feel it drying up during winter. So I make sure I stock up on essential oils and hydrating masks. I need to try the Pure Jojoba Oil! It sounds great!

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

    1. It's a cheap alternative and it works really well in a pinch x


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