About Us

The Beauty Milk was created on October 21st, 2012. It was intended to be a space on the web where I could share beauty-related reviews and makeup tutorials. The content then naturally diversified into a mix of beauty, lifestyle, and occasional fashion posts. My intention in regularly publishing makeup looks and product reviews is to inspire anyone to be creative with makeup and express themselves through it. It also serves as a creative outlet for myself since I am in charge of its photography and design. I am currently studying Business Administration (Marketing Management) after switching majors from Electrical Engineering and having worked/interned in marketing and business administration related positions. I enjoy working closely with small businesses and brands in order to promote products they passionately developed. Thanks to my blog, I have been able to work on campaigns with several of my favorite beauty brands.

As my blog’s traffic and audience increased over time, I decided to use this platform to try and provoke a positive influence towards social causes that are important to me. I started to take the opportunity to touch on subjects such as body positivity, domestic violence, sexual abuse, women’s health, and the empowerment of latinos/as. As of 2015, The Beauty Milk is visited by around 14,000 individuals each month (from all over the world but mostly the United States and Great Britain). If only a small handful of these individuals were inspired to donate, share or learn about any of the social causes promoted on this blog, I’d feel as if I had used this platform positively.

I stand against rape culture and domestic violence. I stand with Planned Parenthood. I love a family member with autism and am an advocate for their opportunities. I am an intersectional feminist and advocate for racial and gender equity.

As a final note, I also donate a small portion of the money made from this blog to organizations that align with causes that are important to me. (Remember to always verify the effectivity and transparency of foundations/charities before you donate. You can use websites such as Charity Navigator and the like.)

Born in: The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico
Ethnicity: Half Puertorrican, Half Venezuelan

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!