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  1. Aerie Berrie

    18th Jun 2014 - 12:48 pm
  2. Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    18th Jun 2014 - 1:08 pm

    I totally agree. I actually really disliked this ELF duo, but I bought it after everyone claimed it was dupe status!
    Kallie – But First, Coffee

    • TheBeautyMilk

      21st Jun 2014 - 12:54 am

      That's a big problem I have. A lot of people are very quick to claim "dupe", specially if the product is very inexpensive so it creates expectations which aren't met and the disappointment is greater.

  3. Zazie Bibi

    18th Jun 2014 - 1:13 pm

    I own the elf version, but i like using the bronzer as a crease shade as it's too dark for me! xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • Meghan E

      18th Jun 2014 - 1:57 pm

      I have the Elf duo and never use it because the bronzer is so dark and pigmented. I never thought to use it as a crease colour though! I'm totally going to try that 🙂

    • TheBeautyMilk

      21st Jun 2014 - 12:55 am

      Great use for it!

  4. Ela Kaimo

    18th Jun 2014 - 1:50 pm

    I'm giving away my e.l.f. contouring kit. It oxidizes on me and makes me look red-orange by midday, which is a shame because it's so darn affordable!
    As for the Nars duo, I'm probably not going to spend that much money on a blush OR bronzer.

    • TheBeautyMilk

      21st Jun 2014 - 12:57 am

      Honestly, if you found the elf one orange I wouldn't recommend NARS Laguna for you so you're right for staying away. They are definitely on the warm side x

  5. Sara Chergui

    18th Jun 2014 - 2:33 pm

    That was a very useful blog post, thanks for sharing ! I'd love to try the NARS brand, I always hear so much good about it !

    Giveaway, win Sally Hansen and Cocoa Brown self tanning products !

  6. Anonymous

    18th Jun 2014 - 2:36 pm

    The price makes it so very worth it for me.. Though I honestly shouldn't be buying another powder yet! I'm still on the MAC Careblend powder for my contouring needs heh 🙂 I'm sure the ELF is an awesome budget pick for a beginner though! x

  7. Chelsea Leigh

    18th Jun 2014 - 2:53 pm

    I definitely agree that it's not a dupe. I own the Elf duo and I never use it, it's just so-so!


    • TheBeautyMilk

      21st Jun 2014 - 12:59 am

      Yeah, it's not bad but quality-wise it's no NARS plus the colors are different so no not a dupe for me x

  8. Victoria Saunders

    18th Jun 2014 - 3:42 pm

    It looks surprisingly good! Great for those on a budget

  9. ThriftThick

    18th Jun 2014 - 3:58 pm

    I've never been tempted by the e.l.f. duo because the bronzer looks SO dark… way too dark for me; it would look so muddy on a lot of complexions!! 🙁


    • TheBeautyMilk

      21st Jun 2014 - 1:00 am

      Yeah, I get you. But it's also hard for people with dark complexions to find a bronzer that will show up on them so it's difficult to please the majority of consumers xx

  10. Laura

    18th Jun 2014 - 4:43 pm

    I actually prefer the elf one because of how dark the contour is. I do struggle when looking for a contour bronzer, especially when I'm tanned xx


    • TheBeautyMilk

      21st Jun 2014 - 1:00 am

      Then I want to suggest the MAC Sculpting Powder in Shadowy. It's quite dark. I use it when I'm tan and with a light hand when I'm paler x

  11. Rikki Poynter

    18th Jun 2014 - 5:08 pm

    That is certainly no dupe.

    // RIKKI POYNTER MAKEUP: The Deaf Side of Beauty

  12. Maddy

    18th Jun 2014 - 5:40 pm

    I found the elf one to be very chalky, and didn't really like it, its probably a good one if you are on a budget though! x
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  13. Nikki

    18th Jun 2014 - 6:37 pm

    I love Nars, but Elf definitely would be great for when I'm on a budget!

    Great post 🙂


  14. Sanja

    18th Jun 2014 - 7:23 pm

    Loved this comparison, now I definitely know that I don't need Laguna because it looks way too shimmery for my liking 🙂


  15. asianhomie101

    18th Jun 2014 - 7:50 pm

    Definitely agree with you! I don't understand how people think it is a dupe… I own both of the products and I think the Elf Duo is good in its own right, but not the exact same thing!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

    • TheBeautyMilk

      21st Jun 2014 - 1:01 am

      You summarized my review/thoughts perfectly 😀

  16. Grace Clair

    18th Jun 2014 - 8:28 pm

    The ELF Duo contains mineral oil – just letting you know! So, using this product can result in clogged pores and unnecessary acne and blemishes.

    • TheBeautyMilk

      21st Jun 2014 - 1:02 am

      I usually check ingredients on high-end products because I want to make sure they aren't crap considering I'm paying a lot, but I usually forget to do so when it comes to affordable items! Thank you for the heads up x

  17. Lesley X

    18th Jun 2014 - 9:34 pm

    The NARS duo is beautiful. I haven't ordered off of ELF in some time as it always seems to be a bit hit and miss x

  18. Andrew James

    18th Jun 2014 - 11:46 pm

    Love finding things like this!


  19. Betzy Carmona

    19th Jun 2014 - 12:07 am

    I had the elf duo and love it 🙂

  20. Natalie

    19th Jun 2014 - 2:52 am

    I love that you did a comparison! So awesome. I love the look of the shimmer in the Nars blush, but for the price I'd probably go for e.l.f.

  21. Pang Ly

    19th Jun 2014 - 4:55 am

    I try to avoid the ELF face powders. I agree, they are a bit too powdery and don't last. Even for the low cost, I wouldn't be interested. These two are definitely not dupes.

  22. Kailey

    19th Jun 2014 - 8:38 am

    Thank you for the review!

  23. Tasha

    19th Jun 2014 - 9:17 am

    I bought this because of it being a 'dupe', but I'm actually not a fan of the formula. I find the bronzer quite dark, a good contour colour, but hard to blend and too shimmery. The blush is quite chalky and sheer for me too!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  24. twoplicates

    19th Jun 2014 - 11:23 am

    i just bought this on iherb as a gauge to see if i should splurge on the real thing! looking at the swatches they dont seem alike at all D: …looks like i might have to buy the real thing 😛

    ♥ M&L twoplicates

  25. Mads M

    19th Jun 2014 - 11:54 am

    I'm impressed, thats a really close match. I think I actually like the ELF duo better !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  26. Claudia

    19th Jun 2014 - 12:04 pm

    It really bugs me when people find a colour that's similar and say it's a dupe, there's more to a dupe than just colour and I totally agree with you here. Although I love NARS products, I actually prefer the ELF colours here. I don't own Laguna, but I do have Orgasm and it is really shimmery on me.

    Lovely post!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

    • TheBeautyMilk

      21st Jun 2014 - 1:03 am

      Yeah, I rarely ever wear Orgasm. It's beautiful but I just don't like such a shimmery finish on myself. x

  27. Amber McNiff

    19th Jun 2014 - 1:32 pm

    Great post, I've never tried e.l.f products


  28. Sharlynn Ng

    19th Jun 2014 - 4:27 pm

    Definitely not a dupe at all I think. The nars bronzer is much more natural and not as dark and the blush is also much pinkier and has nice fine golden glitter!

  29. Jen27

    19th Jun 2014 - 6:08 pm

    Thanks for the helpful comparison! Nice to hear that the ELF palette is still a great affordable option and that its shades aren't quite as shimmery!



  30. Esin D.

    20th Jun 2014 - 8:35 am

    I don't own the elf version but own the NARS ones seperately as you do. I thought they were pretty good already so didn't buy the elf one but everyone kept saying they were exact dupes but they are pretty different I think xx

    • TheBeautyMilk

      21st Jun 2014 - 1:05 am

      Yes, definitely different. I think you're good if you own Orgasm + Laguna already. Since you've tried those you will definitely notice a big difference in terms of texture x

  31. Laura Neuzeth

    23rd Jun 2014 - 10:46 pm

    I always heard that the Elf duo was a dupe but seeing the swatches totally debunks that. The colors are really different! Still beautiful but different than the NARS duo.

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