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  1. Amber McNiff

    26th May 2014 - 12:35 pm

    Lovely, defo buying this


  2. Rikki Poynter

    26th May 2014 - 12:37 pm

    It looks beautiful on you!


    • TheBeautyMilk

      27th May 2014 - 2:51 am

      Thanks, Rikki!

  3. Scoo

    26th May 2014 - 12:56 pm

    This is so stunning on you from whatever I can see! I want to get a nude shade in this line.. have heard so much.. this or the velvet lip pencils?

    My favorite Makeup Brushes Review | TheConscienceFund

    • TheBeautyMilk

      27th May 2014 - 2:52 am

      I like these a lot but I still prefer the Matte Velvet Lip Pencils

  4. Grace Denny

    26th May 2014 - 12:59 pm

    Think I'll be sticking this on my 'to buy' list. I've got MAC's Impassioned – it was a lot more blue toned than anything that I'd had at the time, but this seems a lot nicer! I'll be keeping my eyes out for it!

    XO, G from grace'd

  5. Nesita

    26th May 2014 - 1:10 pm

    Precioso! Queda llamativo pero no demasiado, si eso tiene sentido jaja
    Todavía no he encontrado mi bright pink preferido, sigo buscándolo (no es una excusa para comprar más labiales rosas, para nada lol).

    • TheBeautyMilk

      27th May 2014 - 3:22 am

      Se exactamente a lo que te refieres. Creo que por eso me gusta tanto, es como un bright no intimidante 🙂

  6. Lesley X

    26th May 2014 - 1:14 pm

    Beautiful colour, it really suits you x

  7. Zazie Bibi

    26th May 2014 - 1:22 pm

    Looks so gorgeous on you!x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  8. Anonymous

    26th May 2014 - 1:54 pm

    Great colour! Never tried the nars lipstick range but going to have a look

  9. Ana Leote

    26th May 2014 - 2:10 pm

    Beautiful shade and suits you very well !

    Ana Leote

  10. Leanne Dolan

    26th May 2014 - 2:16 pm

    This shade is gorgeous! It looks lovely on you
    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie Blog x x

  11. Priya

    26th May 2014 - 2:39 pm

    I've always wondered about these nars lipsticks! the colour is lovely, it suits you so much x

    • TheBeautyMilk

      27th May 2014 - 3:27 am

      Thank you!

  12. Aerie Berrie

    26th May 2014 - 2:49 pm
  13. Sharlynn Ng

    26th May 2014 - 3:03 pm

    This looks and sounds brilliant. A matte lippie that doesn't look or feel drying? That's something I damn need in my life. I always have lips that are a bit dry and tend to peel so I haven't found anything that lasts nicely that's matte! This is such a lovely shade! I'd totally steal it from you!

  14. weloveswatches

    26th May 2014 - 3:54 pm

    omg that color is so beautiful. I only own one NARS product which is a blush, but I so need to branch out and try more of there products!

  15. Maddy

    26th May 2014 - 4:23 pm

    This is such a beautiful colour, and looks stunning on you! x
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  16. Chelsea Leigh

    26th May 2014 - 4:39 pm

    That looks amazing on you! Definitely want to pick that up!!


  17. ThriftThick

    26th May 2014 - 5:10 pm

    This loks gorgeous on you Coco!! I've been loving my Revlon JBKBS in "Lovesick" recently… something about bright pink lips lately 🙂


  18. Amanda

    26th May 2014 - 5:38 pm

    Lovely review Coco! The shade is gorgeous and it really complements and suits you! xx

    Beautee Beauty | Malaysian/UK Beauty Blog

  19. The Procrastinator

    26th May 2014 - 5:58 pm

    You look gorgeous! This looks like a more day-to-day version of Schiap!

    • TheBeautyMilk

      27th May 2014 - 3:27 am

      That's a good way to put it!

  20. Beth Bradley

    26th May 2014 - 6:11 pm

    This looks absolutely beautiful on you Coco like everything does, especially love the colour but not one I'd wear myself.

    Love Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  21. Laura Through The Lens

    26th May 2014 - 7:31 pm

    Beautiful colour, I need one of these!

  22. Jen27

    26th May 2014 - 7:32 pm

    This is such a stunning bright pink. It's been on my wishlist for ages, but I've been holding off since I already own (seemingly) dozens of fuchsia lipsticks 🙂 It looks lovely on you! xo



  23. Emily

    26th May 2014 - 8:33 pm

    This looks gorgeous on you, I wish I could have the confidence/skin tone to wear this sort of colour. I need to invest in one of Nars matte colours – they look beautiful.

    Emily xx http://www.beautybunnyy.blogspot.co.uk

    • TheBeautyMilk

      27th May 2014 - 3:30 am

      It takes getting used to, but as I always say, the worse that can happen is that someone compliments your lipstick x

  24. Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    26th May 2014 - 9:48 pm

    Love this! I gotta try this color out, cool-toned pinks are my favorite!!
    Kallie – But First, Coffee

  25. Sarah P

    26th May 2014 - 10:14 pm

    Oh this is beautiful! I usually prefer warmer toned pinks but I'll have to check this out when I'm next near a NARS counter.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  26. Olivia Boros

    26th May 2014 - 10:25 pm

    I want to pick that up right now! Looks gorgeous!

  27. Celina

    27th May 2014 - 1:11 am

    This is such a gorgeous shade! I have been looking at these NARS matte lipsticks for a while now but I haven't decided on a shade yet. I love how slim the packaging is too. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  28. ampersaand

    27th May 2014 - 4:06 am

    So nice! It looks nicely pigmented too! I have a Viva Glam Nicki lipstick that I love, it's a bit on the pink-neon side but it's still lovely…which reminds me I haven't worn it in ages!

  29. Betzy Carmona

    27th May 2014 - 7:03 am

    It's such a pretty shade

  30. Katrina Vitor

    27th May 2014 - 10:07 am

    love love love the color!

  31. Marine T.

    27th May 2014 - 12:28 pm

    This is gorgeous ! It's in my wishlist now !

    Pin-Up Jet

  32. Brianna at Brikasia

    27th May 2014 - 4:26 pm

    I have definitely been toying with the idea of purchasing this for quite some time! And, like you, I first saw it on Temptalia. I love this pink so much! I need to get in the habit of wearing pink lipstick more.

  33. Belle Femme

    28th May 2014 - 3:32 am

    Looks perfect on you. Nice review dear 🙂

  34. Blushing Biddies

    28th May 2014 - 8:03 am

    This looks fantastic on you! <3 Such a pretty color, I never even thought of this line from Nars considering everyone raves about the pencils 😀
    Blushing Biddies

  35. Sandra

    28th May 2014 - 9:49 am

    Gorgeous! I think I have a similar shade in my collection. I need to find it, because it looks perfect for the summer. 🙂

  36. Liss Cope

    28th May 2014 - 1:06 pm

    super pretty on you Coco! I only have one this formula and is so long wearing! big hugs xxx

  37. Anonymous

    2nd Jun 2014 - 4:02 am

    Ugh, the color looks lovely! Been wanting to try out Carthage for a while now.

  38. drinkcitra

    2nd Jun 2014 - 5:11 am

    omg I love this shade! It's so eye-catching!

  39. Amy Keeling

    8th Jun 2014 - 11:35 am

    My word this is stunning on you 🙂
    I have only tried the NARS Matte Lip Pencils so far along with the gloss ones and I was left really impressed; this seems to take it to the next level.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

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