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  1. Summer 4 years ago

    Its refreshing to see someone talk about the negatives of this product, all I ever see are rave reviews!
    Summer x

  2. Such a lovely color on you. Too bad about the film! I've had this happen with one of my Bourjois blushes too, it's like it becomes impossible to get onto my brush. hah

  3. Rikki Poynter 4 years ago

    It looks beautiful!


  4. Jen27 4 years ago

    Blissful is my favourite from this range! Such a pretty colour on you. I agree about the formula, though- the film is very annoying!


  5. Becky 4 years ago

    Ah, so maybe that's why a lot of people say that even though they use their Tarte blush/es often, the design on it doesn't seem to fade away. Looks good on you though! Blissful is one of those shades that I'm always debating on whether I should get or not.

    xx becky // star violet

  6. krnz 4 years ago

    before this post ive never heard anything bad against the clay blushes! looks lovely on you!

  7. Georgina Fox 4 years ago

    Aah an honest review, I like.

    Glad I'd never gone out of my way to pick them up!

    Georgina from FOX ON THE HUNT

  8. Anonymous 4 years ago

    I'm the same, I find them good but not amazing and not deserving the hype they get.

  9. Vicky 4 years ago

    I coveted one of these blushes for ages so when a friend visited America she brought Blissful back for me. I love the colour but mine has also developed the film making it so difficult to use 🙁 xx

    • TheBeautyMilk 4 years ago

      Buff a little bit of the top layer with a paper towel. It wastes product but it helps x

  10. Wanischa S 4 years ago

    This looks super gorgeous. I only have one Tarte blush in Exposed and I'm loving it.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  11. Maddy 4 years ago

    This looks so lovely on, it's a shame the formula isn't spot on though!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  12. chloe_e 4 years ago

    Wow, been so out of the blogging loop and finally getting back into the mojo of it. Your blog is looking so great! Amazing to see how much it has grown!
    Your smokey eye is amazing in this post!
    I only have 1 tarte blush and i agree, i have to layer it on quite a bit for it to show. I have the one in exposed so it's meant to be quite natural anyway but I usually like my blush a bit heavier.

    Chloé⎪à la foliee

  13. little henry lee 4 years ago

    i picked up my first tarte blush (tipsy) when i got to the US a few weeks ago and to be honest, for the amount people rave about them i was a bit let down by it at first. i was expecting them to be just like NARS blushes but they really are a lot more sheer than i expected based on all the hype, but i guess that suits me better anyway because i'm really pale. while i like the one i bought, i haven't exactly rushed out to buy another just because they're only a few dollars cheaper than NARS blushes and i do like the NARS ones better.

    little henry lee


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